Top 15 Cartoon Tattoo Ideas

Having cartoon tattoo designs is known to be one of the best fashion statements among crazy and enthusiastic people. Apart from a different look, it also helps them look cool, stylish, and classy from the usual crowds. So some of the best designs, including cartoon tattoo ideas, are totally in the tattoos world these days.

People have become advanced and want to take over their adults for everything. As kids, everyone has grown up watching cartoon series like Tom and Jerry, Spiderman, Pokemon, Superman, and other cartoons like these. People fancy the animated creatures to a certain extent because they have grown up watching them. Hence, crafting them on your body parts is one of the best ways to make them look pretty and cool.

People tend to get Mr. Cartoon tattoos to look cheesy and attractive. So here are some of the simple cartoon tattoo ideas that you can opt for.

Simple Cartoon Tattoo Ideas or Designs

Below are the 15 best tattoo designs, including tattoo Popeye, giving you a funky vibe and look

      1. Superman Cartoon Tattoo Design

One of the best cartoon tattoo ideas for men is superman because of his highly remarkable fictional character. He is a well-known icon throughout the world because of his superpowers and prominent place in the world of cartoons. A tattoo symbolizing superman would be appreciated due to the mentioned facts. Boys especially like superman tattoos and use them as an image and logo.

       2. Tom and Jerry on Thigh

 Another cartoon tattoo idea that you can look for is the legendary Tom and Jerry. It has been one of the most favorite cartoon series for all age groups. Jerry’s tricky way of teasing Tom is remarkable, whereas Tom’s way of catching Jerry is hilarious too. So you can get a colored tattoo to make it look prettier.

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      3. Baby Cartoon Characters

 Baby cartoon characters tattoo is one of the best cartoon tattoo ideas for teenagers because they have always been captivating. These cute and tiny tattoos show that you love cute and straightforward things more than anything else in your life. These characters may include Cleo from Pinocchio, Alice from Alice in the Wonderland, else from frozen, and similar characters. Not only have these characters gained popularity, but they also tell a lot about your aura.

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      4. The Cool Cartoon Fairy Tales tattoo design

Cartoon tattoo ideas like fairy tales are an essential part of anyone’s childhood and might refresh the memories. From Snow White to Beauty and the beast and Seven Dwarfs, each of them holds a special place in everyone’s heart.

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      5. Simpsons Cartoon Style

Simpson is an adult animated show, yet is one of the best cartoon tattoo idea. They are popular and brilliant characters.

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      6. Dexter’s Laboratory Tattoo

Dexter is one of the genius creations and cartoon tattoo ideas are known as one of the most desired cartoon characters ever. People have appreciated, loved, and adored him. Moreover, they have received great comments.

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      7. Mickey And Minnie Mouse cartoon tattoo ideas

Another cartoon tattoo idea for kids and adults is the Cartoon Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoo. It is one famous fictional character who came on screen in multiple television soaps and witty scripts. He is a symbol of courage and strength.

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      8. Small Tweety Bird

Are you thinking of a cartoon tattoo idea for girls? Tweety is your way to go because it is a bit adorable yellow bird that girls love the most. This character shows innocence and purity.

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      9. Hello Kitty!

Little girls have a special place in little girls’ hearts. It has multiple cartoon styles and designs that kids can choose from them. They are visible on the accessories, bags, clothes, and shoes of the pretty girls.

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      10. Popeye Cartoon

Popeye the Sailorman is another famous fictional character that can be a good cartoon tattoo idea. He has appeared in multiple television soaps and witty scripts. He is a symbol of courage and strength for the young ones, and his nature has left an indelible impact on multiple hearts. Thus, he is a widely appreciated character.

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      11. Scooby-Doo Cartoon

Scooby-doo can be the best cartoon tattoo idea for those who were once a die heart fan of this cartoon series where this doggo was the favorite out of all. Everyone, including elders, appreciated and liked him.

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      12. Funny and Horror

Kids were not into horror stuff, so the horror cartoon tattoo idea would not be an excellent idea for kids but elders only. To show their love and fascination for these characters, elders can get one of their choices.

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      13. The Power puff Girls Sleeve

Power puff girls is a fantasy come true for the girls. These three sisters have fascinated every girl in her childhood. Thus, it would be correct to say that the power puff girl would be a great cartoon tattoo idea for teenage girls. So why not get one for yours?

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      14. Thrilling

Kids love compelling cartoon characters because they excite and thrill them. These powerful and complicated people appreciate devils as they show that power is everything a person needs to win.

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      15. Cute Winnie the Pooh

Last but not least, Winnie the Pooh can also be the best cartoon tattoo idea for youngsters because once they were the most beautiful characters in the category of cartoons. The story is about a cute yellow bear known as Pooh and his cute adventures with other friends. They are beautiful, delicate, and pleasant characters.

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Cartoon characters are popular among people because they make them smile, happy, and excited. Kids adopt the way their favorite cartoon character behaves. In comparison, others get a tattoo of their favorite character to symbolize and exhibit their personality to the character. These cartoon tattoos look pretty and cool. Besides, they can help you gain attention from the crowd quickly.

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