Genius tips to prevent your watercolor tattoo from fading

So you have done all your research and finally decided to get a watercolour tattoo a tattoo style that is breaking the internet today. In the last few years, the tattoo industry has explored new territories of body art- all thanks to the evolution of watercolour tattoos.

That is why we are not surprised at your choice. In fact, we love the idea of painting your body canvas full of colours and liveliness.

However, watercolour design tends to fade quickly, and due to this sole reason, many tattoo lovers hesitate to get this form of body art. But since you’re totally in love with these colourful tats, we thought of helping you out. In this article, we’ll discuss the things to consider when getting a coloured tattoo inked that can last for many years to come and remain as dazzling and gorgeous as the day you first got it. Now without much ado, let’s get into it.

Keep it simple

Drop the idea of getting a large design inked if you’re getting a tattoo for the first time. Yes, we know, it would look great, but watercolour tattoos are more prone to infection and soreness than a regular blank ink tattoo.

That is why, don’t go for an extra-dramatic design, instead choose something simple yet beautiful like a pretty little rose or a butterfly. Once you understand the process and get familiar with the amount of pain that comes handy with coloured tats, you sure can get a more artistic design next time.


watercolor tattoo
watercolour tattoo

simple watercolor tattoo small watercolor tattoo



Retouch it often

Since watercolour tats don’t last as long as the black inked tattoos, retouching the designs often is something you should seriously consider before making a final decision regarding getting coloured body art.

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Even if you get the design inked from a professional and reputed artist, it can last more or less ten years. However, by that time, it won’t look as terrific as it did on the day you first got it. So, if you want the colours to remain intact forever, prepare yourself to visit the tattoo parlour quite often. Also, consider if you’re ready to spend more than once on a single tattoo.

retouch watercolor tattoo
retouch watercolour tattoo



Place it on the right spot

Correct placement of a watercolour tattoo is very crucial. Get the design inked on your belly, upper thighs, or underboobs if it carries a specific meaning that you don’t want the world to see.

However, go for calves, collarbone, arms or neck if you want to flaunt your amazing body art. Just choose the placement of tattoo very wisely; otherwise, all the money you spent, and pain you went through will go in vain.

watercolor tattoo sleevewatercolor tattoo for women

watercolor tattoos
watercolour tattoos



Follow the aftercare regimen

Watercolour tattoos tend to get dry and sore quickly as compared to black inked tats. They are also more prone to infections. That is why it’s essential to give extra attention to these designs and always keep them hydrated and moisturised.

watercolor tattoo aftercare
watercolour tattoo aftercare



Always choose a reputed artist

Since the watercolour tattoos came in trend just a few years ago, not all tattoo artists have the necessary experience to create a perfect looking watercolour design. That is why it is suggested to use to services of veterans in the field.

watercolor tattoo tattoo artist
watercolour tattoo artist



Final Note

We hope now you have a precise idea of how to keep your watercolour tattoo from fading away. Coloured tats are indeed very stylish provided you take proper measures to maintain their beauty.

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