Do you regret getting inked?

Tattoos have been around for a long time. The recent increase in the craze for getting the inked design on your skin is also due to more celebrities showing off their awe-inspiring tattoos which never cease to amaze you. Hence then the common crowd follows up the steps of their idols and starts sporting a tattoo too. This sort of crazy actions and the tattoo culture may amaze you, however never be fooled by it. Most of the people do end up with regrets later on about the tattoos they got inked and then start searching for methods to get rid of them. Don’t believe it? They say that numbers never lie. So let us take a look at what the statistics have to say about the tattoo regrets that people generally have.

Tattoo regrets: A view at the Statistics

Did you know that almost 33% of the people out there have been worried that the tattoo that they got inked will start to look uglier as they grow older and have a more wrinkled skin? The statistics related to the regrets of having tattoos are simply amazing and unbelievable. It was found out in a survey in the United Kingdom that almost 1 out of every 6 people who have a tattoo regrets getting their skin inked and are trying to get their tattoos removed surgically.

Tattoo Regret Statistics
Tattoo Regret Statistics


The plastic surgeons and the dermatologists have been having an increasing number of visits from people who want help in the removal of their tattoos. More than half of the people with the tattoo also have admitted to the fact that they have doubts that their tattoos might hold them back in their careers too.

The fact that in the United States the national average in 2013 for tattoo removal has crossed $ 588 indicates how much an individual is ready to spend to blast away the ink. Although in the US mostly it is not the teenagers who regret the tattoos. Usually, middle-aged women and men are the ones who want theirs removed. Looking at the numbers, you will agree that if you too end up regretting the tattoo you found cool while getting it inked, you are not alone.

Why people Regret Tattoo?

If such a large number of individuals are growing up with the regret for the tattoo they once loved, is there something wrong with the art and practice of tattooing? No. Most of the time the regrets one has for the tattoo they have got are just a matter of time and age. With a change in Job positions and gain maturity, people start thinking that the tattoo is simply more trouble than they are worth. Also, many of those who regret their tattoos later on in life are mostly the people who might have got them inked just because their favorite celebrity did the same or because their friends urged them to do it. So if you recklessly decide to get yourselves tattooed, more probably than not, you will end up regretting your own decision later on in life.

Conclusion: Is Getting Tattooed Wrong Then?

Well no. if you have thought your decision thoroughly, then you need not hesitate to get a tattoo. So what if you end up regretting it later in life? Well, the latest tattoo removal methods are always at your rescue if you would ever want to remove one. Technology has provided efficient solutions for your problems once more.

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