Tattoo Posters (aka, “What you see is what you get.”)

Let’s be honest: the tattoo posters you have in your tattoo parlor aren’t nearly as important as your flash, which probably takes up most of your available space anyway. That being said, they are an important part of your general décor, and as such can help inform potential customers what kind of artist they’re looking at.

When it comes to attracting customers, all of your choices are important ones. With that in mind, here are a couple of different approaches for choosing your tattoo posters.

Tattoo Posters ~ This is what I like (aka, “What you see is what you get.”)

Don’t worry about the customer at all, and just put up on your wall tattoo posters that you find cool or interesting or inspiring. And if it’s that dopy picture of a kitten hanging by its paws over the caption, “Hang On” converted into a tattoo-esque form, and you lose a couple of biker-type clients, then so what?

Tattoo Poster Drawings
Tattoo Poster Drawings

Chances are, your tastes are a little more mainstream tattoo than that, but the downside to this approach is that you might not be selling yourself as a credible tattoo artist—even if you’re one of the best in the business.

Remember: appearance is, if not everything, then really, really important. The benefit of this approach is obvious: you’ll like the posters you’ve got on your walls.

This is what I think my client base likes (aka, “The customer is always right.”)

Try to figure out what your customers are into, and give it to them. If you’re in a college town, this might result in tattoo posters of hot girls giving each other tattoos, or a hot girl rendered in tattoo form—something with hot girls, basically. Sure, if you’re a female artist, you might think it’s a little misogynistic, but hey, you’ve got to give the people what they want, right? The downside to this is that you may wind up with tattoo posters you absolutely hate, whereas the upside is that you might (might) be making your customers feel at home in your tattoo parlor.

Tattoo Posters ~ This is a combination of what I like and what I think you’ll like (aka, “The best of both worlds.”)

Mix and match with tattoo posters that really speak to you and those that you think your client base might like. While it might seem wishy-washy to try and have it both ways, it’s a time-honored marketing tradition—and remember, you can always pick the least offensive of the stuff you think “they” like.

Tattoo Posters
Tattoo Posters

I’ll pick tattoo posters that relate to my work (aka, “Just the facts, ma’am.”)

If you specialize in Bio-Mech or portraits, then the poster choice here is obvious: you pick tattoo posters that relate to your work. The upside is that you’re clearly advertising what you’re selling, and you’ll probably have tattoo posters that interest you. The downside—well, to be honest, there is no downside. This is a safe approach, and even if potential clients are turned off by what’s on your walls, well then, they probably don’t want to be in your parlor anyway.

Along with tattoo posters, you should also have tattoo books for your customers to browse.

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