Should You Breastfeed If You Have a Tattoo?

Most new mothers consider the option of breastfeeding since it provides so many health benefits to a newborn baby. However, there are some different factors which may cause a woman to be unable to breastfeed her child. Can tattoos hurt your baby when you decide to breastfeed if you have a tattoo?

Can Tattoo Ink Be Passed to Baby’s Body?

Medical professionals have very mixed opinions on whether or not tattoo ink can be passed to a baby’s body when breastfeeding. For the most part, the majority of the experts believe that there is no possible way that this can happen and that the idea is just ridiculous. However, there are some who say that it is possible for the tattoo ink to be passed through breastfeeding.

Some medical professionals believe that ink cannot be moved, but they also think that the child can experience an allergic reaction to certain dyes. Overall, it seems that more research needs to done on whether or not tattoo ink can be passed to a baby through breastfeeding.

Can Tattoo Infections Be Spread by Breastfeeding?

tattooed mother
tattooed mother

One of the things that breastfeeding mothers should be aware of is that there is a possibility that a tattoo infection can be spread through breastfeeding. While there are many health benefits associated with breastfeeding your baby, they are not worth the risks associated with your baby developing an infection.

If you know that you have a tattoo infection, you will want to stop or avoid starting breastfeeding until the infection is gone. Do keep in mind that tattoo infections can reoccur, so you will want to keep an eye on your tattoo if you have already experienced any infection. Also, keep in mind that serious diseases, such as HIV or Hepatitis, may be passed to a baby when you choose to breastfeed.

How You Can Minimize Any Risks From Affecting Your Baby:

Although there is a possibility that your baby may develop an infection or experience an allergic reaction to dyes when you breastfeed with a tattoo, there are some different things that you can do to minimize the risks from affecting your baby. Here are some of the things that you will want to keep in mind.

1. Go to a reputable tattoo artist. Make sure that he or she uses sterilized equipment. This will help prevent you from getting HIV, Hepatitis or any other infection that can be spread via person to person.

2. If you notice any signs of disease, do not begin breastfeeding. If you have already started it, then consider stopping it. Keep an eye on the tattoo site, as infections may reoccur several times.

tattooed and pregnant
tattooed and pregnant

3. Avoid getting a tattoo while you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant. Also, avoid getting a tattoo while you are breastfeeding.

4. If you do you choose to get a new tattoo, be sure to follow any care instructions that your tattoo artist has provided you with. Do not resume breastfeeding until your tattoo has healed.

5. Do not breastfeed if you choose to get a new tattoo on your breast area.

When you are thinking about breastfeeding, there are some different factors that you need to take into consideration. Deciding to breastfeed even though you have a tattoo is one of these factors. The most important thing that you can do is use your best judgment. Do what you feel is right.

Please note that the author of this article is not a medical professional. For more information, be sure to talk to your doctor, who should be able to provide you with an opinion on this issue.

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