Got a Bad Tattoo? You Have Removal Options

Sometimes bad tattoos happen to good people. My sister wanted one for a while, and when she did take the plunge, the results were not pretty. She ended up with a unicorn whose conformation resembled an alpaca. It was surrounded by random squiggles that did nothing to enhance the horned alpaca. On top of all this, it was large, taking up most of her calf.

Tattoo as a cover-up

She needed an ink-intervention. A lot of people find tattoos hurt them later on in business situations if they’re in a visible spot, such as on the hands. Others might have a gang or hate-related imagery and want to remove it now that they’re no longer a part of that lifestyle. And some people, like my sister, have a horned alpaca surrounded by doodles.

tattoo removal process
tattoo removal process

Cheap tattoo or expensive tattoo?

One way to not get a bad tattoo in the first place is to look at all the tattoo artist’s work. Look at examples of their work that are the same style and subject you are having done. Horses, for example, are a subject that otherwise competent artists get all wrong. Talk to other people about their tattoos. Don’t just go to the cheapest place. You’re going to have it forever. And by the way, “cheapest place” also refers to your pal who happens to own a tattoo gun and needs someone to doodle on.

tattoo removal before and after laser
tattoo removal before and after laser

Should you find yourself with a horned alpaca on your leg, you can go to a tattoo artist and have the tattoo covered up with another image. That is what my sister did. She took a decent amount of time to find a tattoo artist whose work she liked, and they took the time to discuss what they would do. She paid more for the cover-up than she had for the original work, but it looks beautiful. The artist covered up the original tattoo with a beautiful floral design.

Laser tattoo removal? Yes!

Tattoo removal is done to remove the tattoo. Tattoos can be removed with lasers, by abrading the skin, or by cutting the symbol out of the surface. These methods may leave scarring. This is done by a doctor, thankfully. I can only imagine the results if the same people doing the bad tattoos were the ones doing the tattoo removal.

laser tattoo removal
laser tattoo removal

If getting the actual tattoo removed is out of your league, you can pay a small sum to have it removed from your photographs. The company Retouch Experts can do this, along with touching up some other minor details in the photo.

If a lousy tattoo happens to you, knowing your options can help you decide to remove or change it.



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