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The cutting edge star tattoo is some of the most popular tattoo design requests among both men and women. But here’s what you’ll find most interesting…a star tattoo can hold numerous meanings…each depending on the kind of star and the actual style of the star. Tattooing a star on your arm or near your ankle could be a surefire sign of your ambition to meet and exceed the goals you have set for yourself in life, that overall has a significant meaning to you. Star tattoo meanings are also determined by the number of points each star has. Let’s explore this a little further…

The shooting star tattoo can be meant as a representation of a special moment in your life. For example, it could signify a special relationship, getting a coveted promotion, a moment of enlightenment or something else important. Any type of change in your life could be symbolized by a shooting star tattoo. By the same token, a nautical star is a great symbolization of guidance. The five-pointed nautical star tattoo carries a special meaning of protection in addition to guidance.

Shooting Star Tattoo
Shooting Star Tattoo

The pentagram star tattoo is symbolic of harmony, protection, balance, magic, and storytelling.

Getting the Star of David tattoo, also known as a hexagram carries with it a more religious aspect Its history comes from the truth that when David defeated Goliath, the shield he carried look like a six-pointed star. It’s a symbol of the Divine’s interaction with humans. The heptagram or seven-pointed star tattoo appeals to the mystical side. Many believe this star exemplifies the perfect male. Think about what you want star tattoos to say about you and your life. Then choose the most attractive design with the most significant meaning.

Star Of David Tattoo
Star Of David Tattoo

Best Placements And Modifications For The Star Tattoo

Designs for tattoos come and go. With the passage of time, there are always some models more famous than others, which is something that usually surfaces after a celebrity sports a specific type of tattoo and is featured in a variety of magazines and television shows. After Rihanna first showed off her star tattoo, the world went into a frenzy.

Everyone wanted to get that famous design of the star tattoo for themselves. As the one sported by the young singer was located across the back of her neck, many people decided to opt for the same print of the star tattoo located in the exact same position and a body portion. However, after so many people getting the same tattoo in the same place, many have lost interest in the star tattoo due to the fact that it is overused. If you still want to have the star tattoo for yourself, you can opt for several modifications, which will make your look unique. You can start off by looking at other types of star designs, sizes, and shapes. These modifications will be the first major differences that you can sport in order to create your very own originality.

You can juggle with the placement of the star tattoo. Through this, you can be sure of the fact that you still have a modern and trendy tattoo, but it is not located in a part of the body as everyone else has. The star tattoo is supposed to be spread over a portion of the body, therefore you have many options. For example, on the upper body, you can have the star tattoo inked across your back or on a side of the body. You can also opt for the classical placement across the side of the upper arm. In the lower part of the body, having the star tattoo inked over a portion of your leg will create an amazing look. Regardless of the choice you make, you can be sure of the fact that, through the placement of the star tattoo, you will have originality and uniqueness for the way in which you have inked your body.

Nautical Star Tattoo

Isn’t it time you learned the real truth behind Nautical star tattoos? No doubt they have stimulated a great deal of controversy. As a matter of fact, you’ll frequently find people fired up regarding the rightful meaning of the design. Time and time again, different groups have tried to label the pattern with their own unique interpretation. Aside from that, this increasing popular tattoo design has been linked to the armed forces, punk rock ‘n’ roll musicians, the lesbian community as well as the anti-racism crusade over the past few years.

As you probably already know, United States sailors are attributed with being the first group of people to have the nautical star tattooed on their bodies. Sailors were drawn to the tattoo because working at sea was believed to be extremely dangerous and unpredictable. During the night, Sailors didn’t have much to guide them. They relied heavily on the North Star or Polaris. The reason being is that the star appeared to remain stationary always as opposed to other stars that seemed to move as time went by.

This fixed reference point allowed them to position their ships with the confidence that they were traveling in the right direction.

Nowadays, Nautical star tattoos not only symbolize the sea, but for many sailors and travelers, it symbolizes security and guidance. Tattoo artists can create many different styles of designs so it’s important to have a clear picture of what you want. Remember you are representing a tried and true iconic tattoo design.

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