The 10 Best Coil Tattoo Machines You Can Find on Amazon

If you’re a traditional tattoo artist or a beginner wanting to try your hand in the world of tattooing, chances are you’ve handled a coil tattoo machine before. Coil tattoo machines are the most dependable types of devices in a tattoo studio. If you want to create the most intricate designs that your clients will admire, then this list is for you. We are reviewing 10 of the best coil tattoo machines you can find on Amazon so you can finally seal the deal.

Dragonhawk 2 Pieces Coil Tattoo Machines Complete Kit

Dragonhawk Traditional Pro Complete Tattoo Kit - Two Machines Gun...

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Right off the bat, we will start our list with the highest rated coil tattoo machine you can find on Amazon. At a very affordable price, Dragonhawk provides you with 2 pieces of coil tattoo machines so you can start your tattooing operations immediately. It utilizes 10 wrap coils that work best for lining and shading. The material is made from superior composite material and you will really appreciate its durability when held in hand. 

Buying this product gives you 10 popular color inks made in the USA which guarantee its superior quality. To add further, you get an LED digital power supply, foot pedal, and a clip cord. Having a complete kit is always best for professionals and hobbyists because you can focus more on your designs rather than worry about all the stuff you need to start your operations.

Mast Tattoo Traditional Handmade Coil Machine

Mast Tattoo Machine Traditional Handmade Coil Machine...

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Another great buy if you’re in the market for the best coil tattoo machine is this product from Mast Tattoo. You get 2 pieces of the handmade coil tattoo gun that works great as your main liner and shader gun for your studio. It has an iron frame construction with a standard tube vise and is very durable. It’s capable of going the distance if you have an operation that will take longer than 8 hours because of its low vibration and low heat.

Utilizing 10 wraps, this handmade coil machine is an excellent all-around liner and shader because of its brass binding post and contact screw. What also makes Mast Tattoo a cut above the rest is their awesome customer service. Buying their tattoo machine comes with a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with how the tattoo machine works, ensuring you will have a worry-free purchase when you get this product.

redScorpion 2 Packs Coil Tattoo Machine Gun Set

Redscorpion Coil Tattoo Machine Gun Set for Liner and Shader...

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You’ll probably realize by now that it’s always a great deal if you’re getting 2 coil tattoo machines for the price of 1. Along with Dragonhawk and MAST Tattoo, redScorpion offers 2 packs of coil tattoo machines so you can start tattooing right away. What makes the redScorpion a great buy though is the fact that they’re really affordable. 

redScorpion machines are capable of producing great lining and shading for up to 8 hours without any heat and noise. The tattoo guns are made of alloy and use 10 wraps for the shader and 8 wraps for the liner. redScorpion offers 3 months of warranty for any quality-related concerns and even provides a replacement or a full refund for any issues that may arise. Offering great customer service is always an assurance that a manufacturer is confident in their product and this is where the redScorpion shines.

Pongnas 10 Wraps Professional Coil Tattoo Machine

Professional Coil Tattoo Machine, 10 Wraps Coils Liner/Shader...

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We’re going on a different route for the 4th coil tattoo machine on our list. The Pongnas 10 wraps professional coil tattoo machine is pricier than the first 3 we have reviewed and with good reason! It works best for professional tattoo artists and hobbyists alike because it has an excellent and stable performance that can keep you going for up to 8 hours or more. The tattoo gun is made from sturdy alloy materials and is compatible with almost any handle and needle. It’s an easy-to-use machine that meets experts’ and even beginners’ different demands.

Pongnas offers 6 different colors for this coil tattoo machine. It’s a great way to personalize your tattoo gun to match your studio’s theme or to fit your personality. The tattoo machine works as both a liner and a shader so you get 2 functions in one for the best bang for your buck.

Wormhole Professional Coil Tattoo Machine

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Have you ever seen a tattoo machine made from aircraft-grade aluminum? The Wormhole offers one and it’s the best coil tattoo machine you can find if you need one specifically for lining. Using aircraft-grade aluminum for its body is not just for show because Wormhole used this material to make their gun lighter compared to other similar coil tattoo machines. The frame is a built-in 5 axis CNC frame giving it more stability and quieter operation.

The gun is made for lining and is compatible with all standard metal and disposable tubes. The coils are made of copper while the core is made from high carbon steel. This increases this machine’s service life. The sterling silver contact screw makes lining conducive and has a fast speed of 7,500 switches per minute, ensuring a safe operation. As with great tattoo machines, expect this to be more on the pricier end. But if budget is not a concern for you, then this is a great choice for your tattoo studio.

One Tattoo World Premium Coil Tattoo Machine

Premium Copper Wire Coils Tattoo Machine Liner & Shader, Gold...

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Now that the pricier ones are out on the list, it’s time we give credit to the ones that give out the best value for your money. You may think it’s just a cheap knockoff but it’s not the case for this product. The One Tattoo World premium coil tattoo machine is priced lower than others on our list but the great customer reviews it has on Amazon brings it credence and a spot on our list of the best coil tattoo machines you can buy online.

Its frame is made from zinc material and has a high-quality gold color finish. It’s a great liner and shader for most artists and professionals because the pure iron armature bar gives it excellent magnetic conductivity. Overall, trying out this coil tattoo machine won’t even hurt your wallet or your skin because it’s safe, sterile, and easy to use.

Anself Pro Tattoo Machine Gun

Pro Tattoo Machine Gun Shader Liner 10 Wrap Coils

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Like the One Tattoo World Coil tattoo machine, Anself also offers an affordable coil gun that’s best suited for beginner and intermediate hobbyists and professionals because it can work as both a liner and a shader. It has a fashionable and cool design that every tattoo artist will surely like to add to their arsenal. The frame is made from high-quality low carbon steel casting material that gives a stable performance at 8 hours without producing considerable heat.

The spring has high elasticity and anti-fatigue performance making it possible for you to work with it for a long time if you have more intricate designs to finish. The pure iron armature bar gives it excellent magnetic conductivity to guarantee your lining and shading operations are always exquisite. Overall, the Anself is a great tattoo machine because it offers versatility at an affordable price.

Mummy Traditional Handmade Coil Tattoo Machine

Mummy Tattoo Machine Traditional Handmade Coil Machine Brass...

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Another great product on our list that gives you 2 new tattoo machines for your lining and shading needs for the price of 1 is this set from Mummy. The frame of their traditional handmade tattoo gun is made of high-quality brass that’s CNC carved to ensure its accuracy and efficiency when held in hand. The tattoo machine works both as a liner and a shader so you don’t need to have another set of tattoo guns for your other operating needs.

Like other dependable tattoo machines, it can accompany you during lengthy tattoo sessions for up to 8 hours without producing any heat. It’s also lightweight so you don’t have to worry about hand fatigue reducing your accuracy as you work. It penetrates the skin hard and uses less power because of its energy efficiency. The solid brass look also looks cool and professional. Your clients will surely feel your expert touch and trust you if they see you working with this tattoo machine in hand.

Sonew 10 Wrap Coils Tattoo Machine

Tattoo Machine 10 Warp Coils Iron for Liner Shader Carved Frame...

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Sonew is one of the newer tattoo machine manufacturers out in the market. They started last 2018 and have rapidly expanded their brand since then. Their coil tattoo machine is relatively cheaper than other tattoo guns out in the market so if you’re a beginner learning the ropes of the industry or an intermediate artist looking for a low-cost device, then this is for you. This doesn’t mean that you will be skimping out on the quality as this tattoo machine has generally positive customer reviews on Amazon.

 The design has a strong and durable frame ensuring it will produce low vibrations as you continue your tattooing sessions. It has a smooth and quiet operation at a lower voltage so you won’t have to worry about botched shading or lining situations. The only drawback of getting the Sonew coil tattoo gun is that, unlike the rest of the items on our list, it has a relatively shorter working time of only 6 hours. Therefore if you’re doing an intricate operation, you may opt for ones that can give you longer working times.

ATOMUS Tattoo Machine Gun 8 Wraps Coil

ATOMUS Tattoo Coil Machine Gun 8 Wraps Coil Liner Shader Iron...

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The last item that earns a spot on our list of the best coil tattoo machines is the ATOMUS 8 wraps coil machine. This machine is readily available at most retailers. It also ships fast, and most importantly, it is very affordable. It’s a great tattoo machine for beginners if they want to practice on their lining and shading because it is lightweight and very easy to use. It has a great design and quality that produce a stable power output. 

This 8 wraps coil has a rotating speed of up to 3600R/M which is powerful enough to get the job done in an efficient and quick manner. If you’re a beginner tattoo artist and want to improve your skills relatively fast, this coil tattoo machine is the best thing your money can buy. You can practice with it for hours and your hand will not feel hand fatigue easily.


Buying Guide


Shading vs Line work

Most tattoo professionals prefer using the coil tattoo machines for more intricate shading and line work because it creates smoother and more refined lines compared to rotary ones. It delivers more punch which in turn produces more sound, unlike the rotary types. It may be more damaging to the skin if used by a less experienced artist so it’s always best to have a professional with you if you’re an apprentice learning the craft.


There are a lot of coil tattoo machines you can buy online that are already included in a set. There are also cheaper alternatives that don’t break the bank. If budget is not a concern, we recommend going for the 2 for 1 product so you always have a backup if you’re working for long hours.



Coil tattoo machines are noisier than their rotary counterparts but most modern guns already address this issue to an extent. They are more popular than other types of machines because of their versatility in creating smoother and more exquisite lines but creating these perfect pieces usually requires a steady and skilled hand. It is the tattoo machine of choice of most professionals for full-body tattooing. They are also the most affordable ones you can find online. Because of this, getting a coil tattoo machine and having an expert guide is a surefire way to become a professional yourself.

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