The Best Tattoo Artist Gloves for Everyday Use

A professional tattoo artist always wears medical grade or high-quality gloves. Gloves are important because they provide a barrier between you and your client so your designs are applied safely and hygienically. In this list, we will be reviewing 10 of the best gloves every tattoo artist and hobbyist should use for their day to day operations so that you can ink without the added risk of infection.

GripProtect Precise Nitrile Gloves

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The GripProtect precise nitrile gloves are a great tool to protect your hands during your tattooing operations. It has one of the highest positive customer reviews on Amazon making it a solid choice if you’re unsure which gloves to buy. It’s 100% latex and powder-free eliminating potential allergic reactions for people with sensitive skin. It’s made with all synthetic materials that provide high durability, strength, and comfort if you’re using it for long hours. They are colored black which is a popular shade for broad use outside of the tattoo parlors like healthcare and law enforcement.

The new formulation GripProtect used for this product allows for incredible resistance to punctures and tears which is important during long tattoo sessions. The gloves are available in different sizes and in packs of 100 so all hand sizes are covered. There is also a pack of 1,000 gloves if you need long term stock for your day to day operations.

Infi-Touch Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves

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Like GripProtect, Infi-Touch also has black heavy-duty gloves. They provide comfort while still maintaining a tactile feel for individuals who find it hard to work when wearing gloves. The gloves have micro-textured tips for a maximized grip power. These textured fingertips let you grip any type of tattoo machine with great efficiency making it impossible to slip during your sessions.

The Infi-Touch gloves have high resistance when in contact with liquid. The ambidextrous design allows you to just pick up whichever pair without worrying about fit. If budget is an issue for you, know that the price of the Infi-Touch is generally more affordable compared to other tattooing gloves. Since the gloves are multipurpose, you can use them for a lot more things like cleaning, healthcare, automotive, and other industrial use.

SMBHLS Disposable Long Arm Gloves

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What if you don’t want to wear black nitrile gloves for your tattooing sessions? If you find them lacking on the protection side, then the SMBHLS disposable long arm gloves are the one for you. The pair is 35 inches in length giving you complete protection on your arms. The gloves are smooth, sensitive, and can prevent leaks and damage as you use them. They also work quite well as sleeves for clients to wear after having their arms done by a tattoo artist. This makes the pair a great multipurpose tool for you and your customers.

These nifty long arm gloves are made with food-grade PE material to guarantee your safety and health during long sessions at the studio. You get 50 pieces on a single pack of SMBHLS gloves. They’re relatively cheap to buy so you can afford to get more. Overall, you will not go wrong with getting this product because you can use it for many other purposes.

Dealmed Black Nitrile Gloves

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Going back to black gloves, Dealmed provides more protection than conventional latex gloves because they are medical grade. They are also made from nitrile material giving you optimal safety and comfort. The gloves have an elastic fit and cuffs to give a secure snug on your hands even when you’re wearing them for extended periods. They are ambidextrous, non-allergenic, and non-irritating and provide great shielding for liquids and stains.

Like other gloves we have reviewed so far, the Dealmed gloves are a great multipurpose tool you can use not just in the tattoo studio but in almost any industrial scenario you can think of. Aside from using them on your tattoo parlors, you can use the gloves for food prep, cleaning, arts and crafts, and other hobbies. Finally, what makes it a great choice for most is the efficient packaging. The gloves easily dispense in an unwrinkled position because they are packaged flat. 

MED PRIDE Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

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Unlike other brands where they only offer the color black as your choice, MED PRIDE has another color for you to choose from. It also has different sizes to fit your needs. It is made with a blend of synthetic nitrile elastomers that’s 4 mils thick and only weighs around 5 grams. The gloves are strong and thick and give you an ample amount of stretch so your tattoo machines will still feel tactile whenever you’re wearing the gloves.

Since it’s free of natural rubber latex which is a common allergen to most, they make a perfect partner for tattoo artists so that you and your client are protected. A box of MED PRIDE has 100 gloves inside and all of them are ambidextrous so you can always fit it with whichever hand you prefer. Finally, each pair has an external smooth finish and a beaded cuff giving the gloves extra durability.

VideoPUP Black Tattoos Piercing Gloves

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The VideoPUP gloves differ from the others as they are specifically made for tattooing, unlike the others where they fit the criteria simply due to their multipurpose function. They are marketed for hobbyists and professionals because they have a comfortable fit, are easy to work with, and are suitable for long hours in the studio. The gloves keep your hands warm and clean and make the session sanitary for you and your client.

The VideoPUP gloves have a somewhat better thickness than other brands on our list. This gives you more puncture resistance for sharp devices you may have in the shop. VideoPUP utilizes synthetic nitrile materials to make their gloves. This makes them highly economical and can also be used for a variety of industrial applications. Another neat feature it has is a non-slip grip so that your tattoo guns won’t accidentally drop as you work on your client’s skin.  The VideoPUP piercing gloves are pricier than others but they more than make up for it with their suitability and durability.

Sempermed Black Nitrile Examination Gloves

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The Sempermed black nitrile gloves enjoy high customer reviews on Amazon mainly because of their comfort and durability. A lot of reviews attest to its ability to not rip even during a full days’ worth of usage. The gloves are medical grade so their safety is guaranteed for you and your clients. The gloves are powder-free and latex-free so you will not have to worry about sudden allergic reactions.

Because of their all-purpose functionality, the Sempermed gloves also work well for industrial work environments. The textured surface of the glove ensures a secure grip and excellent tactile feel when you hold your tattooing devices. The gloves are also colored black like the rest on our list. This minimizes visible stains, especially in a busy tattoo parlor. A box of Sempermed has 100 pieces of ambidextrous gloves you can use right away. It’s cheaper than others on the list making it a great purchase for tattoo professionals on a budget.

FifthPulse Black Vinyl Disposable Gloves

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FifthPulse offers 4 different colors for their vinyl gloves. These include clear, blue, black, and pink. You can choose one that fits your personality or the theme of your tattoo studio. The gloves are thick and have a considerable amount of stretch. They will not rip easily even when worn for more than 8 hours. They have a comfy feel and also offer great grip and a tactile feel when you’re holding your tattoo machines.

They are medical grade and work great for any profession. Since it’s food-safe, its multipurpose function works for a lot of industrial applications like cooking, cleaning, gardening, and more. FifthPulse offer their gloves in boxes of 50 so you’ll find them cheap compared to the others we have listed in our reviews. There are 4 sizes to choose from to fit your hand size making it the perfect tool for you when you’re neck-deep on a tattooing session.

Squish Disposable Vinyl Gloves

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When you’re operating a tattoo studio or parlor, you always have to make sure your gloves are powder and latex-free. Using one makes the work environment safe from allergens and bacteria build-up which is especially important when you are doing lining and shading on a customer’s skin. Look no further because the Squish disposable gloves are made with vinyl-based hybrids which are versatile and stronger than latex.

The gloves give you dexterity and control because of their great grip. Ambidextrous and powder-free, they work well for both men and women. Another great feature this glove has is that they are puncture and tear-free. Having a thicker vinyl material provides the gloves with much-needed stretch for optimal finger flexibility. This means wearing the Squish gloves allows you to focus more on your designs than the feel of the gloves in your hands. 

Saf-Care EnSure Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

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The Saf-Care EnSure nitrile glove is the last product on our list of the best tattoo artist gloves you can buy online. It separates itself from the rest due to its extended cuff at 10.5”, which is longer than most gloves on our list. Wearing the EnSure will not make you worry about getting accidental allergic reactions because they are powder-free. They also don’t contain any sulphur-based accelerators. They are food safe and medical grade making them one of the best choices for you if you’re stocking up for your tattoo studio.

Buying a box of the Saf-Care EnSure provides 100 pieces of ambidextrous gloves you can wear. Only the XXL size is packed at 90 pieces but it’s still a great buy due to its affordable price. Overall, if you’re unsure what type of gloves works best on a tattoo studio, it’s always a safe bet to get black nitrile gloves because stains won’t matter during your inking and they are safe on the skin for you and your client.


Buying Guide



There are 3 common types of materials that gloves are made of and it’s always best to research them.  Most gloves are made from either latex, vinyl, or nitrile. When you have to choose between the 3, it’s a safe option to go for vinyl or nitrile as gloves made of latex carry the danger of causing allergic reactions.


It’s always recommended to wear black colored gloves when you’re specifically using them in a tattoo shop or studio. This way, the stains from the tattoo ink won’t look dirty and you will look professional in the eyes of your clients. 


Most gloves are ambidextrous which means that they fit snugly on either hand. Some gloves extend up to the sleeve, which comes in handy if you want to protect your whole arm.


Is it important to wear gloves when tatting?

Not only does wearing gloves promote safety and hygiene when you’re in a studio, but it also creates the effect that you care about your customer or client’s well being. You will look professional.



When looking for the best tattooing gloves for your day to day shading and lining, it’s recommended to go for black colored nitrile gloves to ensure cleanliness and safety at all times. There are different sizes of gloves so you have to know the best fit for you. Most of them are ambidextrous so you shouldn’t worry about it not fitting on either hand. Look for ones that are comfortable and have a considerable grip so you will always have a tactile feel while working.

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