Best Tattoo Machines for Lining

Having a good tattoo machine to create a meticulous line job can make or break an aspiring tattoo artist’s career. A lot of professional tattoo artists almost always have that one tattoo machine they can always rely on especially for line work that requires incredible accuracy. Some prefer the coil type while others swear by the rotary. While selecting the right one depends on your own skill and comfort, we will go ahead and make it easier for you with recommendations of the best tattoo machines for lining.

Dragonhawk Brass Coils Tattoo Machine

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This Tattoo Machine by Dragonhawk serves as both your shader and liner in one package. The product is bought as a set so you get 2 tattoo machines made of brass in the box. The shader has 10 wrap coils and the liner with 8 wrap coils. The liner runs accurately to create clean and crisp lines. The skulls make you look cool in front of your customer and really set the mood when you tattoo on their skin. The liner runs at 115-120Hz when read on a power supply at 7-8V while the shader runs at 140-150Hz with 7-8V.

Dragonhawk offers a lifetime guarantee for their tattoo machine and provides a money-back option if you’re not satisfied with the result of their device. Even with the guarantee, the product has a high customer rating on Amazon which ensures you get the best value with your money considering you get 2 guns in one.


RHEIN MZZ-RN003 Lightweight Liner Coil Tattoo Machine

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The RHEIN MZZ-RN003 is a great liner for beginners and experienced tattoo artists because it offers a smooth and stable operation. Though there are a lot of tattoo pens you can buy online for your lining work, nothing beats the traditional way of tattooing using a coil tattoo machine. The iron frame and copper rod are CNC-qualified and look neat and durable. The machine operates under a DC voltage of between 3-20V using the 2 main coils and the electric spray point. It produces instant suction and spray action.

The tattoo machine has fast heat dissipation which reduces heat generation. It allows you to work on your design for longer compared to other tattoo machines. Overall, the MZZ-RN003 is a simple and lightweight coil tattoo machine where you can work with your lining with ease and accuracy. It is sterile and the ink sits well when you’re using it. Lastly, the RHEIN MZZ-RN003 is more affordable than other tattoo machines out in the market but it gets the job done just as well.


redScorpion Cast Iron Liner Coil Tattoo Machine

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The advantage of using a redScorpion coil tattoo machine for your lining is that you are sure to have a highly accurate gun to make your designs come to life. The coil is 8 wraps with a height of 28 mm and a strong magnetic absorption. The machine has a stable working speed and works well with any hand. You can work with this tattoo machine for 8 hours or more and it won’t overheat nor give you hand fatigue as it is quite lightweight and easy to grip.

The frame of the tattoo machine was cut and processed by a precision line. The quality of the finish guarantees the dimensions are accurate so that your lining is as perfect as it can be. With a running speed of around 2500-2800R, it has a working voltage between 6-8 V. redScorpion offers a 6-month limited warranty for every tattoo machine sold and all quality-related issues are assured of a replacement or a full refund for a worry-free purchase.


Artistry Fire Red Cast Iron Liner Tattoo Machine

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The Artistry cast iron liner tattoo machine is a great tattoo gun for its price. It isn’t as glossy as the other liners you can buy online but it has better binding posts and contact screw than most. The frame is handmade from durable zinc. It also has a pure iron armature bar which provides excellent magnetic conductivity. The coils are 10 wraps and made of copper. It is perfect for an aspiring or experienced tattoo artist for their lining work.

This tattoo machine has a working voltage of between 3-10V and has a running speed of 115-135R per second. The spring thickness is 0.5mm for both the rear and the front spring. The coffin box that holds the machine may look creepy for some but avid tattoo aficionados will certainly find it unique and awesome. The tattoo machine is available in red and black colorways which should fit nicely with the theme of any tattoo shop.


 new star tattoo Dragonfly Rotary Tattoo Machine

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The Dragonfly rotary tattoo machine by new star tattoo is a great shader and liner tattoo gun for artists and hobbyists alike. It is small, lightweight, easy to use, and powerful enough for your lining and shading operations. The make of the tattoo gun is from aluminum alloy. It produces low vibration and low heat when in use. Needless to say, you should be able to tattoo for hours without any considerable issues. The rotary tattoo machine was designed to be compatible with most standard needles, tubes, grips, and conventional power supplies.

The tattoo machine has an electric working voltage of 6-9V. It is recommended to use a 1.5A power supply to make sure there will be no hitches as you tattoo on your client or while practicing. new star tattoo offers 7 different colors for their rotary tattoo machine that you can choose from. You should be able to select one to match the theme of your shop or your personal preference.


One Tattoo World Iron Liner Gun Tattoo Machine

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If you’re looking for a liner tattoo machine that provides a stable body and smooth vibration during your tattooing operations, then this liner gun from One Tattoo World is for you. This liner makes your tattooing more professional and can give you anything you need when it comes to creating perfect lining for your clients. It comes with an 8 wrap coil that utilizes the latest technology of solenoid valves. The spring is made from composite material with high elasticity giving you a stable bounce and strong rear magnetic property. This ensures you can use it for hours without feeling hand fatigue.

One Tattoo World uses low-carbon steel for the material. Moreover, the tattoo machine is hand-assembled. The spring thickness for both the rear and front spring is 0.50mm. It has a running speed of 2500R per minute making this tattoo machine one of the best tools for any tattoo artist looking for a cheap but reliable liner.


Anself Pro Tattoo Machine Gun Shader and Liner

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This tattoo machine gun by Anself provides you with an exquisite design and quality wrapped at an affordable price. The material is made from a high-end low carbon steel casting material to give it excellent performance and rapid thermal diffusion. You can work for more than 8 hours during an operation and it won’t produce any considerable heat. The spring is highly elastic and has anti-fatigue, therefore, giving you stability and control as you work on lining and shading. It uses 10 wraps coils that are specially designed for the tattoo machine.

The Anself Pro Tattoo Machine has a working voltage of between 4-12V and has a running speed of up to 38,000 per minute. You can set the gun as a shader or liner depending on the need. Considering the price of the gun and the dual purpose it can do for you, it should work well for any aspiring tattoo artist looking for an affordable and good quality tattoo machine.


TAONE Professional Tattoo Liner Machine

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TAONE has been selling tattoo machines and supplies for more than a decade and most of their products on Amazon are always highly-rated. This tattoo liner machine is no different as it is built from high-quality brass via wire-electrode cutting and CNC carving. It uses 10 wrap coils to deliver high performance and accurate lining for your clients. The running speed is around 3000R per minute to give you a stable and uniform speed. This ensures lines are smooth and will not damage your customer’s skin.

The tattoo liner machine runs at 4-8V. You shouldn’t have any complaints about the noise as it is also very silent. You can work on your creations for more than 8 hours and the tattoo machine will still work fine without producing any excessive heat. This product is compatible with all kinds of tattoo grips and tattoo needles and is a nice addition to your inventory, especially for lining needs.


Simlug 12 Wrap Coil Tattoo Machine

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The Simlug tattoo machine is made of high-quality alloy to give you a stable performance when you’re operating at the tattoo shop. Professional tattoo artists and beginners alike can use it with ease because it is very simple to operate. It uses 12 wrap coil wires which is perfect for lining and shading.  Because of its overall build, the tattoo machine has excellent thermal diffusion and can withstand continuous use even if you’re tattooing for more than 8 hours. The machine’s high-temperature resistance is perfect for tattooing more intricate lining that usually takes hours to complete.

This liner tattoo machine is more affordable compared to other brands on the list. The durability and the quality is not a concern though because it also has high customer ratings in Amazon. If you’re a beginner tattoo artist or a professional looking for a great liner for your operations, you should give this one a try.


Wormhole Tattoo W0001-L Professional Liner Tattoo Machine Gun

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The Wormhole Tattoo professional liner tattoo machine gun is the priciest liner on our list and with good reason. It is one of the best-rated tattoo machines for lining because of its quality and many advantages. This model is made from aircraft-grade aluminum making it lighter than other tattoo machines. However, you can expect that it is more durable and longer-lasting. The frame has a built-in 5 axis CNC frame to make your lining more stable. This in turn makes for a quieter operation and smoother finish.

The device’s spring is made of manganese steel with great elasticity and fatigue resistance. The contact screw meanwhile is made from sterling silver to make your tattooing more conductive. It has one of the highest running speeds at 7500 switches per minute which is perfect to meet your customers’ different demands. If budget is not an issue when you’re looking for a tattoo machine for your lining work, you should definitely get this one from Wormhole.


Buying Guide



Some tattoo machines you can find on Amazon are sold in bundles (2 pieces of machines for lining and shading work). Other tattoo machines can do both lining and shading. It is best to know what you intend to use your machine on as the price will generally be higher if you go for a tattoo machine that can do both lining and shading.


Rotary vs Coil

As mentioned above, if you wish to have a tattoo machine that can do both shading and lining, you should go for the rotary machines because they can be utilized for both jobs. The coil type meanwhile is preferred by a lot of tattoo artists because it makes for a better intricate line job. If you have to choose between the two, you should always go with what you are comfortable with.




Which is better between the rotary or coil tattoo machine?

Tattoo professionals who prefer using rotary machines are used to the traditional way or “old school” type of inking. A coil tattoo machine, on the other hand, offers more versatility, which is why some have quickly adapted to using it. It allows you to create finer and smoother lines once you master it. At the end of the day, choosing the best tattoo machine that works for you depends on your hand and your skill level.



The best tattoo artists always have that prized tattoo machine they use exclusively for lining work. Knowing what type and brand of tattoo machine work for you is key in order to deliver a satisfying service for your customers.

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