A Review of the Best Tattoo Pen Machines of 2021

Tattoo pen machines are a relatively newer technology. Over the last few years, they have surged in popularity as many artists are preferring the familiar way of holding them. Although many people only know the traditional coil tattoo guns, these honestly require a lot of dexterity and skill to use. As such, they may come off as intimidating to many people, especially to beginners. They can be quite bulky and heavy to use as well.

If you’re not the biggest fan of the traditional tattoo machines, then a tattoo pen machine might be the most suitable gear to get those tattoos looking fresh and clean. With a wide array to choose from, you might wonder what the best one out there is. As with everything, choosing the best pen-style tattoo machine depends on your unique preferences. Your style and how you tattoo, among many other factors, play into consideration.

Good thing we have made things easier for you by reviewing the best tattoo pen machines that are currently available in the market. We also provide you with an in-depth buying guide that will help refine your purchasing decision. You can be assured that whichever tattoo pen machine you go for in this selection, it will get the job done to the highest of standards.

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Mast Saber Wireless Battery Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen (Red)

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This Mast Saber Wireless Battery Pen rotary tattoo machine operates without a cord to allow you to tattoo anywhere. With a 2000 mAh battery, this pen machine can last you 8 hours when fully-charged. Charging is also easy and fast, only taking 2 hours for a full charge. You can even use it normally even when it is charging. Simple to use, it can enter the working state immediately without any need for extra operations and configurations.

Something that easily blows the competition away, the Mast Saber wireless battery rotary tattoo pen machine comes with an LED display. You can easily know and set the working voltage for precise tattoo work. It can also record your working time. It operates between 5 to 10V. Its needle stroke is 3.5mm and needle protrusion of 0-4.5 mm. The suggested voltage range for lining work is 7.5V to 9V, whereas the suggested voltage for shading is 6V to 8V. Although it can be quite expensive especially compared to other pen machines, it promises ease of use and a host of impressive features.


HAWINK Rotary Short Pen Tattoo Machine

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The next item is a high-end tattoo machine from the known HAWINK brand. Made of an aircraft aluminum alloy enclosure, Hawink tattoo pen machine has a 35mm sleeve. It comes with German FAULHABER motor that promises power, stability, and high puncturing frequency. It also produces low noise and less vibration so that your clients won’t be distracted as you needle through their skin. As a rotary machine, it doesn’t hurt as much and irritates the skin less. Your clients can simply relax throughout their tattoo experience.

Easy to master, Hawink hybrid tattoo pen is designed to make you feel like you’re holding an actual pen. It is lightweight at 128g (0.28lbs) yet appears nice and exquisite. It has a stroke of 4.0 mm.

Featuring an RCA cord connection, its starting voltage is 4V and the operating voltage is between 5V to 10V. It is advised to set the maximum operating voltage at 10V otherwise you risk overheating the motor and causing mechanical damage. Upon purchase, a package includes one rotary tattoo machine and the HAWINK RCA cord.


Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

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Another familiar brand in this list, the Dragonhawk has long been trusted by tattoo artists. Its offering, the Dragonhawk Mast tattoo pen, is especially tailored to permit a variety of styles and techniques. It is a well-rounded rotary tattoo machine designed for impressive accuracy and utmost control. You can be more comfortable as you work precisely on your art because it emulates the grip and feel of an actual pen that most of us are used to.

This tattoo machine has a powerful custom motor. Its working voltage is in the range of 6V to 9V. Its advanced gear system guarantees reliable and quiet operation with little vibration yet allows high puncturing power and frequency. Made of a space aluminum frame, it is lightweight at only 120 g. To turn on the power supply, you should press the button for 3-5 seconds.

Apart from the Mast tattoo pen machine, inclusions are the power supply, 20 pieces of WJX cartridges, carry case, foot pedal, DC cord, and a tattoo machine box. The WJX brand cartridges needles have a patented shell design that allows for increased ink storage. The needle is medical grade and allows for good injection and faster absorption of the ink. This innovative material also has a special silicone rebound membrane.

The Dragonhawk Mast tattoo machine is compatible with all types of cartridge needles. The cartridges it comes with have close-mouthed tips. This allows needles to strike more steadily and grab more ink with each pass. The smooth edges reduce skin trauma. The cartridges are also easy to switch, making your tattooing process incredibly efficient.

Finally, the Mast rotary tattoo machine is a timeless gear that you can add to your collection. This durable machine is suitable for precise line work, black and gray shading, and solid color packing.


Stigma Tattoo Machine Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen

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Are you tired of uncomfortable tattoo machines that are not only unstable but get hot upon prolonged usage? This Stigma tattoo relieves you of all that burden. With a body that is CNC-machined using aircraft aluminum alloy, the Stigma rotary machine is strong and stable with its powerful Japanese motor. This is why it is preferred by many tattoo professionals. This sleek pen machine will certainly not disappoint as it features very little noise upon operation. Just make sure to keep the machine working under 12V in order to protect it.

Because it uses a rotary mechanism, you can use the pen for both line and shading works. The length of the needle can be adjusted regularly. Buying the STIGMA rotary tattoo machine pen kit gives you 20 pieces of the tattoo cartridges, a high-quality RCA connector cord, digital power supply, and 100 pieces of disposable covers. Lastly, it comes with a CE certification and one-year warranty so that you can be assured of the quality of the product!


Autdor Tattoo Kit

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Do you want to improve your tattooing? Aside from practicing regularly, a reliable tattoo pen machine can help you achieve this quicker. This Autdor machine has a smooth consistent power output and overvoltage protection to ensure an efficient operation that will surely meet your needs. It is perfect for both lining and shading tattoo works. To protect the motor, the suggested voltage for lining is between 8V to 9V and the suggested voltage for shading is between 7V to 8V.

While operating, there is very low noise and heat. Even after tattooing for hours, your hands won’t get tired due to its ergonomic design and space aluminum alloy body. The Autdor pen machine continues to wow with a digital LED screen display incorporated in its power supply to make voltage readings possible and accurate.

Made of 316L stainless steel and high-grade plastic, the tattoo cartridge needles are individually packaged and are transparent to provide better visibility of link levels. Because of its internal shape, better ink flow is promoted to ensure your art is as best as it could possibly be. The tattoo machine pen is also compatible with any type of cartridge needle, so if you have leftover needles from another machine, you can certainly use them. As an added bonus, you can even use this tattoo pen to do microblading.

This professional cartridge tattoo machine kit package includes 1 rotary tattoo machine pen, 1 power supply, 1 tattoo foot pedal, 20 mixed tattoo needles cartridge, and 7 tattoo inks. Additionally, as extra tattoo accessories, 1 tattoo grip tape, 20 tattoo ink caps, 1 tattoo practice skin, 1 tattoo transfer paper, 1 pair of tattoo gloves, and 1 tattoo kit box case are also included. You can get started as soon as you buy the kit. Now that is efficiency at its best!

This is the perfect choice for beginners, learners, and tattoo artists. With a comfortable grip and non-slip design, you are assured of excellent workmanship! Coupled with good customer service, the company allows resending the kit if you are by any means unsatisfied with it. All these make this machine trusted by professional tattooists.


Solong Tattoo Kit Rotary Machine Pen

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Designed to give you a better tattoo experience, the Solong rotary tattoo machine is made of aircraft aluminum alloy. It is created with a CNC machine and then anodized for a good finish. With a unibody construction, it offers stability in operation and low noise. It also offers better ink flow to ensure that your tattoo art is as immaculate as it can be.

This lightweight pen-style machine is ergonomic. You will also be able to quickly adjust its voltage depending on the kind of work you are doing. Upon purchase, this kit includes a tattoo machine, 20 pieces of cartridge needles, a power supply and power cord, 8 inks, pedal and other accessories. The inks are vibrant, easy to apply, and hold extremely well on the skin. The needles are sterilized and individually packaged for hygienic purposes.

It also comes with a one-year warranty and a CE certification. It is best to keep the machine working under 12V to protect the power supply and the machine. With its decent price, this is perfect for beginners and professionals alike.


BMX Pen Tattoo Kit

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The first thing you will notice about this tattoo pen is its rocket ship design which is extremely creative. It is made of aviation aluminum alloy and only weighs 130 g for a lightweight operation. It’s good unibody construction is perfect with all kinds of tattoo cartridge needles. The depth of needles is adjustable from 0 to 4.5mm. A 0.35mm stroke is suitable both for shading and lining.

The BMX Cartridge Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine pen is packed with impressive features. For one, the intensity and frequency of the power can be adjusted according to your requirements. It also has a powerful motor and an advanced gear system that guarantees reliable and quiet operation and less vibration relative to a coil tattoo machine gun. With a DC connection, the power supply operates between 6V to 9V.

With the stability that it offers, you can have exquisite workmanship while allowing smaller lesions on the skin of the client. It doesn’t heat up even after prolonged use. This well packaged and cost-effective kit comes with a BMX stable tattoo power supply so you can easily adjust the operating voltage. Aside from a solid rotary machine pen, a shining foot pedal and 10 pieces of tattoo cartridge needles are also included. This machine works extremely well for all skill levels, from tattoo beginners, training schools to sophisticated and experienced artists in the craft. With its very low price tag, it is surely worth it!


Buying Guide


The market offers different types of tattoo machines. Before you go buy a tattoo machine, it is important to know the different types. The most widespread and popular tattoo machines are rotary and coil.

Rotary machines involve needles moving up and down to incise the ink into the skin. They are popular among novice tattoo artists as they are relatively easier to use and can already do both shading and line work by simply replacing the needle. Most pen-type machines run on a rotary mechanism. On the other hand. coil tattoo machines can’t do both functions at once. They are divided into liners and shaders. Liners lay defined and dominant lines on the skin. In order to do so, liner machines require rather high speeds which may reach 130 pinholes per second in order to make one pass. Shaders don’t traumatize skin as much and can be used for an extended period of time. Oftentimes, professional tattoo artists have a collection of different devices to do all sorts of patterns. This way, brilliant designs are possible.


Are you a professional artist or a tattoo beginner? If you want to use it to learn tattooing, then you can buy any cheaper tattoo pen machine just to get the feel on your hand. If you are buying a tattoo machine for regular use in your tattoo shop, make sure to buy durable ones from popular brands.

There are a wide variety of tattoo pen machines for every price range. Most of the time, the pricey ones come equipped with many features and are more durable. Be wary of extremely inexpensive tattoo pen machines as they could be of low quality. At the end of the day, it just depends on how much you are willing to spend, but always make sure to buy from a trustworthy brand.


Since you will be holding the pen machine for an ample amount of time, it is important to consider its weight. A lightweight pen machine can keep you working long without straining your hands. Some machines are equipped with fine gripping so you can hold the machine well and focus on doing your best design.


To make a tattooing process easier, it’s necessary to have decent, if not good equipment. High quality equipment allows you to specify and vary speeds depending on the kind of tattooing work you are doing, be it lining or shading.


What is the best tattoo machine?

There’s no definite answer to this question. It all depends on your skill level and preferences. If you are just starting out, a rotary machine might be easier for you in order to just get the ropes of the process. A coil machine is more suitable for professional artists since it requires more skill to operate. Traditional coil machines have longer and cheaper needles whereas rotary ones have shorter needles which are easier to replace but are slightly more expensive.

Why should I get a tattoo pen machine?

Tattoo pen machines will allow you to start tattooing with little experience. This is made possible by the familiar and lightweight way to grip them due to their handy pen configuration.

Is it dangerous to tattoo yourself?

Without the proper knowledge and tools, tattooing yourself poses a high risk of infection. Unless you are a professional tattoo artist, it is better to leave it to the experts who not only know the proper safety measures but also have the skills to ensure your tattoos will come out looking great!

Do I need a power supply for my tattoo machine?

Besides the pen machine itself, there are several essential pieces that you need to get before you get to start tattooing. This includes a quality power supply, one that allows the adjustment of voltage so you can specify the force at which the needles penetrate your skin. This is especially helpful when switching between shading and lining as different needle groupings and sizes may require different voltages.

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