Best Wireless Tattoo Machines

It is the 21st century so almost everything is going wireless. Tattoo machines are no exception. Nowadays, you can do tattoo work anytime and anywhere especially if you have a handy wireless tattoo machine that you can use. Since you won’t be dealing with cords, say goodbye to feeling uncomfortable or being in a cluttered environment while you create your masterpieces.

In this list, we have provided 10 of the best wireless tattoo machines you can find online so you can wow your customers with your impressive tattoo designs in no time!

MAST Archer Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine

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The Archer wireless rotary tattoo machine by MAST TATOO is number 1 on our list of the best wireless tattoo machines you can buy online because of its mix of price, availability, and amazing customer reviews. It is the perfect tool for all kinds of work, be it lining, shading, dot work, color packing, or making realistic black and grays. The tattoo pen weighs approximately 186g and is about 5” in length. It has a battery capacity of 2000mAH and can be your go-to tattoo pen for up to 8 hours of continuous operation. Fully charging the Archer takes about 2 hours only.

The Archer has a visible LCD voltage screen located at the top so that you can read measurements easily and adjust according to need. The tattoo pen has a standard stroke length of 3.5mm. It gently and smoothly transfers ink to the skin in a safe and hygienic manner. It features a quiet operation while giving your clients skin-ideal healing results. There are 4 colors available to choose from in order to match the color of your tattoo shop. Buying the tattoo machine includes a USB-C fast charge cord, 2 replaceable grips, and a gift box.


MAST Saber Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine

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Having a wireless rotary tattoo machine allows you to have freedom of movement when tattooing. The MAST TATTOO certainly provides some of the best machines for you to do that. The Saber, like the Archer, has a continuous operation time of up to 8 hours with its 2000mAH battery and can fully charge in 2 hours. The primary difference of the Saber compared to the Archer model is that it is capable of recording your working time during tattooing sessions. It is very simple to read. There are no extra steps in order to start creating your masterpieces.

The LCD also shows you the usual working voltage. The machine has a working voltage of around 5-10V. The needle stroke is the same with the Archer at 3.5mm with a needle protrusion of 0-4.5mm. The rotary tattoo pen is suitable for all kinds of work like lining, shading, and other intimate tattooing styles. When you purchase the Saber, included are a lot of grips so you can have a feel of which grips work best for your approach.


Charme Princesse Wireless Tattoo Machine

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If you’re looking for a tattoo machine to make eyebrows, eyelids, lips, and small tattoos for you or your clients, then this permanent makeup tool from Charme Princesse is the device that you need. It also works great if your client wants their hairline back permanently. This tattoo pen was designed to have the closest possible feel to an actual pen so you can do your more delicate operations. It is powered by a 5W motor or a lithium battery that produces low noise. The pen has a speed of between 8000-16,000R per minute which are adjustable in 3 modes. The only drawback of using this wireless tattoo machine is unlike the others, it only works for up to 2-3 hours before needing another charge cycle. It shouldn’t be a problem for professional tattoo artists though as this tattoo pen is best used at specific sections of the skin that will not require a full day’s work.

The Charme Princesse tattoo pen is made from aluminum alloy which provides you with a very nice grip when you’re holding it. It doesn’t leave any fingerprints and doesn’t retain sweat or stain. There are 4 colors you can choose from when you buy the product. They all look really cool and professional. As the perfect permanent makeup tool for DIY’ers, it also works as a great side or complementary machine for tattoo artists and hobbyists.


Combofix Wireless Tattoo Machine Pen

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One of the new tattoo machines you can find on Amazon is the Combofix wireless tattoo machine pen. It is actually much cheaper than many of the tattoo pens online. However, Combofix uses the same durable material as other brands. It is made from premium aluminum alloy with an import motor and advanced gear system. You can work with the pen for 8 hours without it going hot like the other brands. Moreover, it produces low noise. It has strong penetrating power on the skin and offers great accuracy. Tattoo artists and beginners alike should find using this pen fun because it has an ergonomic handle that is quite easy to grip.

The Combofix tattoo pen has overvoltage protection so you are safe from untoward accidents. It will automatically turn off if it detects any abnormal current, which is great when you’re deep in the operation. Buying this kit includes 40 pieces of tattoo cartridge needles so you can create your masterpieces right away. It also has 1 power supply, 1 tattoo grip tape, 2 pcs of black gloves and a kit case so you can bring it to you anywhere. What’s great with Combofix is the company offers an exchange or money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with it or if the device has factory defects. It means the company is confident with their product, making it a worry-free purchase for tattoo artists and professionals.


Dragonhawk Wireless Tattoo Machine

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If you’re unsure about the different tattoo pens out in the market, it’s almost always safe to go with the Dragonhawk. Their wireless tattoo pen has one of the highest customer reviews on Amazon in terms of rating and review count. Their products are dependable and should be able to support a tattoo artist for a full day’s work especially when you’re neck-deep in an operation. It is also lightweight and compatible with all cartridge needles so you can use it anytime and anywhere.

Each tattoo pen Dragonhawk makes is CNC-machined and is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. It has an anodized finish ensuring it will be your go-to wireless pen for years to come. The needles depth can be adjusted just by rotating the machine grip. It has a speed of 9000R/min to deliver a strong and powerful shading and lining operation. Buying this kit includes 50 pieces of needle cartridges so you can start inking in no time. Additionally, there are several colors to choose from so you can select the machine that works best for you or the theme of your tattoo shop.


Dragonhawk Aion Wireless Rotary Tattoo Pen

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Another great Dragonhawk product for your wireless tattoo needs is the Dragonhawk Aion. It has a simple operating system with a 5-way adjustment button located on top of the machine. The buttons allow you to turn it on/off, start/stop, adjust the voltage up/down, and display the power or the voltage. This means you’re always informed on the tattoo pen’s advanced gear system, allowing you to have smoother inking operation with your clients or customers. The pen has a standard stroke length of 3.5mm. It is comparable to other traditional tattoo machines and works as both a liner and a shader for all your tattooing needs. It also delivers a quiet operation when in use and gives out ideal healing results on the skin.

The primary advantage the Dragonhawk Aion has against other wireless pens is that the batteries are easily replaceable. This gives you the versatility to work for longer hours as you ink your more intricate designs. Cartridge change and replacement are also efficient and don’t take a lot of time and effort to do. The comfortable center of gravity and lightweight design of the tattoo pen make the transfer of ink to the skin safe and hygienic. Lastly, it is suitable for all types of skin so you shouldn’t have any problems when using this tattoo pen.


Ambition Soldier Wireless Rotary Tattoo Pen

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The Ambition wireless rotary tattoo pen is a great addition to your tattoo kit because it has a wide range of applications. For one, almost all cartridge needles are compatible with this rotary tattoo pen. It has a direct delivery system making your ink stick more to your client’s skin whether you are lining or shading. This device allows you to ink all day or all night because of its great battery capacity of 1950mAH. It has a battery life of up to 5-6 hours. The nifty thing about it is you can replace it at any time. You can fully charge it in 1.5-2 hours so if you have several batteries with you, the tattoo machine can be your companion on every operation.

The Soldier Wireless pen weighs 210g which is heavier than other similar tattoo pens. It uses an aluminum alloy frame and is carved in CNC. We’re not kidding when we say it looks futuristic and cool. This device will definitely catch some looks from clients or colleagues when they see how this tattoo pen looks. The only drawback of getting this wireless tattoo machine is that it doesn’t have needle cartridges and inks included with the purchase. Included on the box is a 1 piece USB fast charging data cable to charge your wireless pen.


HAWINK Rotary Tattoo Machine

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The HAWINK WE tattoo machine is the first wireless rotary tattoo machine by the famed company. Being the first iteration, they made sure to deliver a quality device for tattoo artists and professionals. It has 2 power bolts which can be used alternately. It has a capacity of 900mAH which can power your tattooing operations for 3.5 to 9 hours. Each power bolt has an energy efficiency of 85% that is better than other batteries. Charging time takes about 1.5 hours so that you are always prepared to provide service for clients.

About 80% of the weight of this tattoo machine is concentrated on the grip, making working with the pen an enjoyable and comfortable experience. Since it is not a direct drive, it is suitable for all tattoo processes like lining, shading, and others. It produces low vibrations to make your intricate designs more accurate so that your customers always end up happy.

Another thing we look for when looking for the best wireless tattoo machines is the manufacturer’s confidence in their products. HAWINK provides a 1-year warranty, guaranteeing you a worry-free purchase. It also comes with a fast-charging type C cord so your wireless tattoo machine is always fully powered when needed.


Solong EM128KITPRD50-1 Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine Gun

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The Solong wireless tattoo machine gun has the quirkiest look on this list because of how the battery latches onto the tattoo machine. The battery is detachable on top and lies down to give you the closest feel to using an actual pen. The ergonomic design and grip make this an ideal pen for lining, shading, as well as tattooing permanent eyebrows, lip line, eye line, or more. The wireless tattoo power supply has a battery display and level control to help you better manage your daily operations.

The only drawback that we noticed is that the battery only lasts about 2-3 hours before needing another cycle charge. This may not be an issue for some with multiple batteries on hand but for beginners who’re looking for a longer-lasting tattoo pen to practice on, this may pose a problem. The motor is made from Taiwan and boasts of a low noise operation.  The 1500mAH battery is easy to charge and is compatible with most mobile phone adapters. Buying this product includes 50 tattoo needles so you can start right away. It has CE certification to give you that seal of confidence. Finally, Solong also offers a 1-year warranty to give you a worry-free purchase.


INKin Wireless Rotary Tattoo Pen

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The INKin wireless rotary tattoo machine is last on our list of the best wireless tattoo pens. It is designed for hobbyists and professional tattoo artists alike for day to day operations. It can accompany you on your lining and shading work for up to 4-6 hours before needing another charge cycle. This will not be a problem if you have several rechargeable lithium batteries on hand so that you can quickly swap them out as needed. It takes about 40 minutes to achieve a full charge. The pen has a visible LED display on top to show the current voltage rate, capacity, and timer. There is also a voltage button near the power switch if you need to quickly increase or decrease its output as needed.

INKin utilizes an ergonomic design on their tattoo pen allowing you to comfortably hold and use it for hours. It produces almost no vibration and sound so your clients will feel at ease whenever you’re tattooing on their skin. One of the advantages this rotary pen has against the others is that buying the kit includes an RCA connector so you can use it like a regular tattoo machine when needed.


Buying Guide


Battery Capacity

Even when all the products provided on the list are wireless, they all have different battery ranges that you should take note of. Look for a tattoo machine that gives you the best lifespan, running time, and battery capacity so you can be as efficient as possible.



Because you won’t be dealing with cords anymore when using a wireless tattoo machine, it gives you the flexibility to work anywhere. However, a wireless machine means added weight so you have to take the battery add-ons into account when making that purchase. While a lighter pen machine might be ideal for many, some prefer the stability offered by the heavier models.




Are wireless tattoo machines better than traditional ones?

There are different pros and cons when using a wireless pen or a traditional one. Using a wireless tattoo machine means there are fewer cords to worry about, fewer items to decontaminate, and you can bring it anywhere with you. It also reduces electric bill cost if you’re operating long hours in the tattoo shop so the benefits generally outweigh the cons.



Wireless tattoo machines have captured a niche market because of their versatility and dependability. Most of them sold online are complete kits so you can start using them right away. They may be pricier than traditional tattoo machines but the durability and quality of these wireless machines ensure they stay with you for years to come. 

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