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Tattooing involves impinging ink into the skin using a needle in order to create a beautiful design. It is a highly technical art form, but with practice and the right tools, it can be learned quickly. For aspiring tattoo artists, it is recommended to begin the journey into the trade by using a tattoo machine specifically designed with beginners in mind. This way, you can learn the basics and overcome the learning curve efficiently.

In this article, we have listed 10 tattoo machines currently available on Amazon that give you the best bang for your buck as you explore the wonderful art of tattooing.

Dragonhawk Wireless Kit Tattoo Machine for Beginners

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If you’re intending to apprentice in the craft of tattooing, this beginner’s tattoo kit from Dragonhawk is for you. The first thing that we liked about it is its wireless capability. It is quite idiot-proof so beginners can focus on honing their tattooing skills. The tattoo machine is powered by a DC motor with continuous operation. It produces low noise and has perfect stability for your hands. Lightweight and comfortable to use, it is also compatible with all cartridge needles which is handy if you own a variety of them.

Buying the kit includes 50 pieces of needle cartridges, a wireless battery, ink colors, ink cups, and supplies. It allows you to immediately start on your projects without worries. The switch frequency is 55-165 Hz while the needle protrusion is 0 – 4.5 mm. The stroke length meanwhile is 3.5 mm. All these specifications ensure the tattoo pen will deliver a better user experience. If you need to adjust the depth of the needle, rotating the machine grip is all you have to do. The machine uses a power of 6-9 V and has a potent 9000 R/minute for your shading and lining activities. The only drawback is the price, which is higher than other tattoo machines especially for people who wish to try their hand at tattooing.


 ITATOO Wormhole Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners

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If budget is a concern, the ITATOO Wormhole tattoo kit for beginners is a nice option to consider if you’re looking for an affordable starter. It includes all the necessary supplies you need if you’re starting out or in the process of learning the craft. You get 20 tattoo inks, 50 tattoo needles, and 2 Pro tattoo machine gun kits. The 2 guns serve as your liner and shader. You can start learning immediately with a free practice skin included on the kit 

For apprentice artists, knowing all the materials you need to start tattooing is the first step. ITATOO covers all the grounds for this kit. It includes tattoo inks, needles, power supply, clip cord, foot pedal, ink caps, tips, grommets, O-rings, rubber bands, and much more. Keeping track of these things might pose a problem for a beginner that’s why buying the kit also comes with a professional online guide courtesy of ITATOO. Their website has a manual and chat support where you can watch basic to advanced tattoo teaching videos. You can even look for numerous tattoo designs you can try out. Finally, ITATOO offers a 6-month warranty for the foot pedal and clip cord while the power supply has a longer warranty period of 12 months. 


HAWINK TK-HW2001 Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners

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The HAWINK tattoo kit is a perfect choice for beginners who wish to hone their skills in the art of tattooing. It is also the go-to kit of professional tattoo artists who want to further advance their craft. The tattoo kit works as described and delivers what it’s supposed to do. The kit includes 2 x 10 wrap coils tattoo machine for lining and shading. It runs faster than other beginner tattoo machines and delivers a precise piercing action. You also get a bunch of supplies like tattoo inks, needles, clip cord, foot pedal, ink caps, tips, and a nifty power supply. 

The power supply is very user friendly. In fact, beginners who don’t have an idea how to operate one can learn to use it quite easily. It also has an anti-fatigue function that makes stepping on the pedal for a long time unnecessary. There is an automatic sleep mode on the power supply to save energy 5 minutes after going idle. This conserves energy and ensures the power supply always stays in top shape. HAWINK also offers an online guide and a manual for setting up your tattoo kit on their website. There are also teaching videos and tattoo designs you can try out. Once you learn the basics with the HAWINK tattoo kit and are ready to do it on human skin, you will notice the power of the tattoo machine as it easily penetrates the skin creating a more vibrant and lasting color on your masterpieces.


RHEIN EM133 Complete Professional Tattoo Kit for Beginners

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RHEIN is a young company that offers professional tattoo kits for beginners. They only started offering their products more than a decade ago but their reputation has certainly preceded them. Their tattoo machine pen has a unique look that gives you a comfortable grip and an easier operation because of its ergonomic design. The adjustable rotary and a wider hand grip allow for a more precise service. The machine pen is made from high-quality space-grade aluminum frame and an imported motor. The motor produces strong torque and smooth shaft rotation but is very quiet and produces minimal vibration.  This makes the RHEIN EM133 the perfect tool for beginners trying to master having a steady hand.

The pen has a stroke length of 3.2 mm while the depth of the needle is 0-4.5 mm. Buying the RHEIN EM133 complete tattoo kit includes 20 pieces of mixed cartridge needles, 7 different colors of tattoo inks, 30 pieces mixed size inks cover, a tattoo pedal, 5 pieces of protective film, a practice skin, pair of gloves, and a power supply. This means you will not run out of supply anytime soon as you start your journey in the art of tattooing. For good measure, RHEIN also provides a tattoo kit box case for when you need to travel with your equipment.


Solong Tattoo TK212 Complete Starter Beginner Tattoo Kit

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Next on our list for the best tattoo machines for beginners is the Solong TK212 beginner tattoo kit. It has 2 pro tattoo machine gun kits for liner and shader. It also comes with a 10 wraps coil. The 2 machines are sturdy and tuned right out of the box where you can start it right away. The kit provides you with 20 tattoo tips, 2 grips, 100 ink cups, a  foot pedal, a  power supply, and a multitude of other accessories. Solong Tattoo also gives out 14 of the most popular practice tattoo ink colors. Each bottle contains 5ml worth of ink. They are bright, colourful, safe, and ready to use to start your tattooing journey.

What makes this tattoo kit one of the better beginner kits out in the market is the pigment patch test included on the box. The ability to test allergic reactions on you or your test skin is important to prevent accidents and maintain hygiene. It is a great tattoo kit for learning because newbies also need to learn the value of knowing the basics and standard preparation. It is also one of the more affordable beginner tattoo kits you can find on Amazon so if you’re a bit stretched out on your budget, give this one a go.


Tatooine Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners

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The Tatooine complete tattoo kit for beginners is one of the better tattoo machines for beginners who are looking for a practice gun. The material Tatooine used for the frame of the machine is high-quality iron. This gives the machine a beautiful appearance while maintaining durability for long term use. Buying the kit includes all the tattoo supplies you need to begin your apprenticeship as you start your adventure of learning the craft. Tatooine provides beginners with 20 popular colors to choose from at 5ml per bottle. All the inks are of positive colors and sterilized by gamma-ray. They are reliable and safe for the skin if you’re ready to do various colourful designs.

The power supply meanwhile has a digital LED screen display to make readings more accurate. It gives you a reliable and efficient power output as you delicately move it while tattooing. Buying a complete tattoo kit is always a good choice when you’re a beginner. This starter kit in particular includes needles, clip cord, foot pedal, ink caps, tips, grommets, and every supply you need to make you an experienced tattoo artist in no time.


Sotica Complete Tattoo Machine Kit for Beginners

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Sotica provides beginners with a complete set of tattoo machine tools with this kit for beginners. Buying this product means you don’t have to worry about other supplies as everything is already included in the box. According to Sotica, each of their tattoo machines was tested before sale to ensure quality. The guns are excellent for traditional style work which is perfect for apprentices who want to master the basics. Both the liner and the shader gun run smoothly and are very silent. They have little to no vibration giving your steady hand a more reliable partner when you’re working on your piece.

The kit has a lot of contents inside ready to be used out of the box. It has 2 gloves, clip cord, grip, 20 O-rings, 10 tattoo needles, 20 small tattoo ink caps with base, 20 tattoo rubber nipple, rubber bands, a mini-tattoo foot pedal, and a lot more. The mini foot pedal is made from high-quality stainless steel which fits most standard tattoo machines. Sotica offers an exchange or money-back guarantee in cases of factory defects. The customer service support they provide ensures every beginner artist has a worry-free purchase so that they can focus on learning their trade at the soonest possible time.


Anghie Complete Tattoo Machine Kit for Beginners

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The Anghie tattoo machine kit for beginners adopts the latest technology in tattooing and is suitable for apprentices and practitioners alike. It works great as a practice tattoo gun and as a reliable substitute for seasoned veterans needing another set of liner or shader. The 2 tattoo machine guns are lightweight and have low vibration. They are made with superior composite material that provides stability and elasticity. Practitioners and beginners can work with the 2 tattoo guns for a long time without feeling tired. The power supply uses an LED screen display where you can easily take readings on the fly. This means you can operate both the rotary and coil tattoo machines at high efficiency with consistent power output.

The Anghie tattoo kit has a lot of contents inside the box. You’d be surprised how convenient it is considering its price point. Aside from the 2 tattoo guns and the aforementioned power supply, Anghie includes 20 tattoo ink cups with base, 20 tattoo needles, 20 O-rings, 20 black grommets, 7 tattoo inks, a tattoo transfer paper, 1 stainless steel foot pedal, and a whole assortment of other things. It’s a great choice for beginners and experienced tattoo artists and the high customer reviews certainly speak for themselves.


Autdor Complete Tattoo Machine Kit

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Every tattoo artist was once a beginner and had to start somewhere. The Autdor complete tattoo machine kit ensures your journey of learning goes smooth and efficient. This kit is pricier than the other brands we have on this list but it more than makes up for it with the contents included in the box. The 4 coil tattoo guns for your liner and shader are made of high-quality iron and are super lightweight. You can therefore work on making your hand steadier as you learn to tattoo. Your hand is less tired so you can focus on studying different grips and trying out new designs.

The kit includes a lot of accessories to kick start your tattooing basics. It comes with an LED digital tattoo power supply to make your readings more accurate. The power supply has overvoltage protection to keep you safe from accidental surges. The foot pedal and clip cord provide you with quick and accurate activation and voltage adjustments if necessary. There are also 20 tattoo needles, grommets, O-rings, disposable tattoo tips, gloves, silicone tattoo practice skin, and a whole lot of supplies to make you achieve your tattooing goals.


Midsummer Beginner Coil Tattoo Machine

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Last on our list is the Midsummer beginner coil tattoo machine. It is the cheapest among all the other products we have listed because it doesn’t come as a complete kit, unlike the others. If you already have the necessary equipment or are familiar with the supplies, then you don’t have to splurge on your purchase with a kit. 

You can use this Midsummer machine as both a liner and a shader. It is easy to handle and control and works with all standard grips, tubes, needles, and clip cord. The frame of the tattoo gun is made of stainless steel and has a more refined shape and size. It gives the tattoo gun a more professional look.

The running speed of the tattoo gun clocks at 2500-3500R per minute, which is good for beginners learning the trade. The spring of the Midsummer tattoo machine is made of composite material with high elasticity. The make and material lessen your hand fatigue as you use it. This means you can practice for longer hours. There are a lot of colors to choose from in order to match your personality or the theme of your tattoo shop. Overall, it’s a great starter tattoo machine for beginners.


Buying Guide



As a beginner tattoo artist, chances are you don’t have an extensive grasp yet of all the supplies you need in order to start your passion for tattooing. For beginners, it is recommended to get a complete kit as they are readily available on Amazon and other e-commerce websites. While their upfront cost can be higher, they are also extremely convenient. For every price range, there are a host of tattoo machines available. Expensive ones are durable and have cool features. Inexpensive ones are often of low quality. It is important to strike a balance and understand your requirements so you can purchase what you really need without regret.


Ease of Use

Beginners must use a tattoo machine that utilizes the traditional form of tattooing in order to learn the basics first hand. As such, the gun must be lightweight and comfortable on the hand. Guns with anti-fatigue features are also recommended.




What is the necessary equipment for beginners?

Most beginner tattoo kits already have a complete set of tools to remove the inconvenience of sourcing the supplies one by one. Of course, the most important thing you need to have is the tattoo machine. Power supply and foot pedals are essential to make sure you’re uninterrupted during operation. Clip cords, needles, and others are usually already included in the kit. So if you’re a newbie, it might be best to buy a complete tattoo machine kit for beginners.

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