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Nearly everyone has heard of tattoos, but not everyone knows what a tattoo is. A tattoo is when ink is injected into the skin through a needle. This is usually done with a tattoo gun, a tool used by the tattoo artist. Only a professional tattoo artist is qualified to give someone a tattoo. This gun has a needle attached to it that goes up and down, puncturing the skin with each fall. The needle inserts a small amount of ink into each puncture hole, creating a pattern.

One of the main concerns with tattoos is probably the safety issues.

As with everything, there are some concerns surrounding tattoos. Because tattoos are made by putting holes in the skin, there is a risk of infection. To avoid this, the tattoo artist follows very safe practices. They will use sterile needles, disposable materials, and always be sure to sanitize themselves and you before applying a tattoo. This is not only to ensure your safety, but also to help promote their good name. Not many people would want to go to a tattoo artist whose customers often leave with infection.


To help prevent the contamination of products, the following products are for single time use only:

The ink
The ink cups
The needles
The gloves

If you have any concerns about the materials your tattoo artist is using, you should express your concerns before the artist begins to apply your tattoo. If you do not see the needle come out of a sealed sterile package, I would question how clean it might be.

You will notice that before the artist starts, he or she will wash their hands very well with soap and water.

They will then disinfect the area where they will give you the tattoo as well. The next common step is to explain to you what they will be doing as they work and ensure you that the materials they are using are sterile. He will then shave and disinfect the area where the tattoo with be applied.

Many people will find that tattoos hurt very much.

However, how much it hurts will depend on what kind of a pain tolerance you have. Some people describe the pain involved with tattoos as a pinch or a shot. Other people describe it as a horrible stinging pain that continues long after the tattoo is done. If you are worried about the pain that tattoos cause, you should put a lot of thought into where you get the tattoo placed. The more sensitive the area, the more it will probably hurt.

As the artist continues with the tattoo, he will clean it throughout the process.

As he finishes, he will give the tattoo one last cleaning, and then apply an ointment to it. He will cover the tattoo and explain to you how you should care for it to avoid infection. He may even give you a detailed print out of instructions. If you have any questions about the care of your tattoo, be sure to ask before you leave.

tattoo machine
tattoo machine

Make sure that you follow the care instructions given to you by the tattoo artist very closely.

However, following those rules will not prevent infection if it was caused by the tattoo artist‘s needle. You need to make sure that the tools being used to create your tattoo are sterile. As long as that is the case, you should have nothing to worry about. Your tattoo should scab over and heal in around a few weeks. Following these safety rules will help prevent infection and keep you safe while getting your tattoos.

Source of images : Pixabay

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