Stranger Things Tattoos – An Introduction To 12 Characters

Stranger things tattoos is a science-fictional series created by Netflix. The story is set in 1983 and based on the adventures of five school kids in the city of Hawkins, Indiana. Featuring mysterious supernatural events, it is appealing to a broad audience of adults and teenagers alike.

The Characters

The series; Stranger Things, starts with four middle-schoolers by the names of Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Will Byers. They are the main characters at the beginning, but there are other essential characters listed here, as well.

Mike is the middle child in the Wheeler family, with an older sister called Nancy and a younger sister named Holly.

He is a serious person and cares a lot about the people he is close to. Mike and Nancy don’t get on very well and are always fighting. They get closer as the story goes on. Finn Wolfhard plays Mike.


Mike stranger things tattoo


Dustin is an only child who is always making people laugh with his cheeky personality.

He has a condition called cleidocranial dysplasia, which made him lose his front two teeth, causing him to have a lisp. Gaten Matarazzo plays Dustin.

Dustin stranger things tattoo

Dustin stranger things tattoo design

Dusttin stranger things portrait tattoo

Lucas has a younger sister called Erica, who is always arguing with him.

He is a very wary person and doesn’t trust people easily, but that changes during season two when he meets a new character. Caleb McLaughlin plays Lucas.

Lucas stranger things tattoo

Will, the most important of the four, has an older brother called Jonathon, who is very close to him.

He is seen as a shy person and doesn’t have many friends. That is probably the reason that he is targeted. Noah Schnapp plays Will.

Jonathon stranger things tattoo

Eleven is a strange girl who gets found in the woods at the beginning of season one.

She has shaved hair, and she has telepathic powers. She doesn’t speak much due to her traumatic past. Eleven comes from Hawkins lab, where her father, Dr. Martin Brenner, has tested her powers. Millie Bobby Brown plays Eleven.

Eleven stranger things tattoo

Color Eleven stranger things tattoo

011 stranger things tattoo

Elevent stranger things tattoo black and white

Realistic Elevent stranger things tattoo

Nancy is a teenage girl that has a lot of friends.

She is a kind-hearted person and, like Mike, cares a lot about those close to her. During season one, Nancy is the girlfriend of Steve Harington. She befriends Jonathon Byers, Will’s brother, and later breaks up with Steve to date him. Natalia Dyer plays Nancy.

Nancy stranger things tattoo design

Jonathon is a lot like will: shy and hasn’t got many friends.

He gets a lot of recognition later on in the series. He cares a lot about will and is always looking out for him. Charlie Heaton plays Jonathon.

Steve is Nancy wheelers boyfriend in season one and part of season two.

He is very protective of his girlfriend and gets frustrated when she becomes friends with Jonathon. He doesn’t become one of the main characters until season two, but he plays a big part in the third season. Joe Keery plays Steve.

steve stranger things tattoo


Erica, Lucas’s little sister, isn’t significant until season three.

She is a little bit of a diva with a sassy personality. She acts like she doesn’t care about much, but that changes in season three. Priah Ferguson plays Erica.

Erica stranger things tattoo

Max, who doesn’t come into the series until season two, is a feisty girl who loves skateboarding and video games. She has an older stepbrother called Billy, but they don’t get on very well. Sadie Sink plays Max.

Robin is introduced in season 3 and is a fundamental character.

She is Steve’s work colleague, and she has a friendly but sarcastic personality. Maya Hawke plays Robin.

Robin stranger things tattoo

These are the main characters throughout the three seasons. There are other characters, but they aren’t as important as these characters.

Stranger Things – The Story

The Stranger Things story starts with the mysterious disappearance of Will Byers and Barbara Holland, Nancy Wheeler’s best friend. People think that they have both died, but, of course, that isn’t the case. Will is actually in an alternate dimension, barely alive. Eleven knows how to contact him, which is how they find out his location. Nancy and Jonathon work together to help get to will, and find out which creature has attacked him. This creature is the antagonist in the series and features in many different forms throughout the three seasons.

In season one, the creature is called a Demogorgon, and it takes the shape of a man-like monster with many teeth. In season two, portrayed as the ‘mind-flayer,’ which is a shadow creature that invades the mind of unsuspecting characters. Also described as a ‘Demodog,’ which is like a Demogorgon, but in animal form. In season three, it is made to be a blob that possesses people.


Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Eleven work together to get will out of the upside-down, which is the alternate dimension, and doing that creates more significant problems for them.

In season two, the team gets split up by the arrival of a new character, Max. They soon come back together and work on closing the gate to the upside-down. In doing so, they risk losing Eleven, and they have to choose between keeping their friend or keeping Hawkins safe.

Season three brings a whole new set of problems. The team becomes split up once more, and it features unfortunate and tragic events. These events cause a dramatic ending to a brilliant series.

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