Popular 22 Libra Zodiac Tattoos

Libra zodiac tattoos are quite popular not only with the Librans but also with others; know why? Librans are friendly and warm, they listen to people’s problems and try to find solutions, they are charming and gentle even while addressing a contentious and possibly explosive situation.

They have a winning nature and are good mediators so much so that people look up to them to deal with tricky or complicated disputes. One of their significant attributes is to remain aloof and distanced while assessing a problem without confusing issues with personalities and bias. This itself will give you an idea of what could represent the Libra zodiac sign. Yes, it is the “blind lady with the scales of justice”. This sign is so symbolic of an unbiased method of assessing a dispute and giving a solution based on facts and evidence rather than on impulse and emotion.

Libra Zodiac Tattoos

Libra Tattoo Designs: People born between the 22 of September to the 21 of October fall under the zodiac sign Libra and their ruling planet is Venus.

The zodiac sign is usually represented by a balancing scale depicting a fair and just attitude. A level scale or a scale balancing flowers, fruits or other objects are good tattoo designs. The complete picture with a woman holding the scales with her eyes blindfolded with a cloth will be a real and impact creating tattoo design.

libra venus tattoo

The setting sun is also used as a Libra zodiac symbol. Since the ruling planet is Venus and Venus is considered as love planet heart shapes can be incorporated into the design. Hearts can be shown as sitting on scales to depict the worth of love. Libra zodiac tattoos can be made in a combination of setting sun, hearts, scales or blindfolded lady with scales, etc.

Celtic Tattoo Designs for Libra: The Celts are known for worshipping nature and its bounties.

Celtic knots are one of the more popular tattoo designs, and you can include the setting sun or the hearts into the knots. You can also use the knot design for the scales and the chain holding the scales. The knots represent the eternity of life on earth and represent the unknown about where the beginning is and the end, something which no one is sure of.

Celtic Tattoo Designs for Libra

Tribal Tattoo Designs for Libra: Tribal tattoos are stark and vibrant and will represent Libra zodiac designs with clarity.

Bold lines and concentric circles representing the scales of justice will depict a fair-minded and unbiased person. Tribal tattoos are usually drawn in dark colors but since Librans are also kind and loving by nature and hate violence, you can add colors to soften the designs especially for women. Tribal people also worshipped nature and the five elements. Hence adding the setting sun with tribal designs or hearts or flowers or the figure of Venus will add a feminine touch to the Libra zodiac tattoo design.



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