Ways to Customize Your Gemini Tattoos

Gemini people are known for many traits that they may possess. They can be charming, intellectual, optimistic, and creative people. Many people like to carry this tattoo on their bodies to symbolise these things. It is a constant reminder of the traits that are known to be possessed by the person. There is one disadvantage with Gemini tattoos though, and that would be they are familiar, and many people have this as a tattoo. There is no need to worry though, as there are many ways that this can be dressed up to suit your personality and be a one of a kind tattoo for you to show off.

Gemini Tattoos
Gemini Tattoos

Women that have a Gemini tattoo may opt for bright colours and possibly add flowers that surround the symbol.

The different shapes and colours will make it come to life, especially with the curved shapes that most flowers have. By adding some of your favourite colours and flowers to the first sign can be comfortable with the help of the tattooist that is going to be giving you the tattoo. They will know ways that this can be done that will provide you with the look that you are looking for. Depending on the look you want will make a difference on whether you add just a few uncomplicated flowers or more intricate design.

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gemini tattoos for women
gemini tattoos for women

Men may choose to take a route that incorporates a common theme into the Gemini tattoo that they are wanting.

Whether on your arm or back they are a great look that can be attained. Larger tattoos look best on the back in most cases, but it is all an individual’s personal choice on where they want it displayed on their body. The meaning that a tribal tattoo has can be the perfect way to enhance the Gemini tattoo and will immensely to the look with the detail and flowing lines that they have. If this is still not enough to suit the needs that you are after then some men might add fancy skulls to the design as well. There are many different choices available for heads, and they all do not have evil meanings behind them.

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gemini tattoos ideas for men
gemini tattoos ideas for men

There are many ways that a person can make the Gemini tattoo that they are getting unique to them.

There are images all over things that you may opt to have with the Gemini tattoo. Mind you, not all of them are will look right with this sign and heed any warnings that the tattooist may offer you as they know. You do not want something to end up looking messy as a permanent fixture on your body. There are times that a person can have too much.

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Gallery with more Gemini tattoos designs

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