The 8 Best Tattoo Removal Creams of 2021: Creams to Remove Tattoos

Dealing with unwanted tattoos is quite an unpleasant experience. Maybe your tastes changed over time or maybe you got a tattoo while you were drunk. However, the only thing that matters now is how will you get rid of it. As you may already know, you have a couple of options to get rid of the tattoo. Surgical removal, laser removal, dermabrasion and removal creams are the options available to you. If you are terrified by the surgery idea, or you had enough pain while applying the tattoo and you don’t want more with the laser removal as people states that laser removals are as painful as tattooing sessions and also you are not willing to pay a small fortune on it, or maybe you are not happy enough with the outcome of dermabrasion, then removal creams may be for you.

Removing a tattoo with removal creams may take a while as the tattoo will be removed bit by bit but it won’t cost you that as much as the other options. The process of removal creams is the following: The ink stuck in the dermis is slowly set free by peeling the layers of the epidermis (using the cream). Therefore, it can take quite a while to completely remove a tattoo.


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Our top 8 tattoo removal creams


1.Inked Up tattoo removal cream

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If you are looking for a cream that was clinically tested for several times, then Inked Up may be the one for you. As the cream was passed several tests, it can be said that Inked Up is one of the safest removal creams available on the market. One of its greatest features is its absorption speed without blocking the skin’s pores. When applied, the cream will permeate the skin’s dermis and will directly act on the ink making it fade away. Its effects can be seen from the first week of use.


  •  Clinically tested for safety standards.
  •  Very fast action time.
  •  Very low risk of damage due to its natural ingredients.


  •  Small-sized, one tube may not be enough for complete removal.
  •  Does not guarantee complete removal.

2. Modao tattoo removal cream

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Modao tattoo removal cream is made with active ingredients that directly attack the ink after penetrating the skin. It does not only penetrate the epidermis and attack the ink, but it also moisturizes your skin, it is a hypoallergenic cream specially designed for tattoo removal without burning sensation. Madao cream acts in a short period of time. It contains safe and non-toxic ingredients for a higher safety standard.


  •  Very fast action time.
  •  Contains non-toxic safe ingredients.
  •  Moisturize the skin while attacking the ink.
  •  Decreased chances of burning sensations.


  •  Small-sized, one tube may not be enough for a complete removal.
  •  The removal process may take longer than using other creams as it acts really slow.

3. Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System

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Wrecking Balm offers a kit for tattoo removal that contains suffusion gel for exfoliating, hydravescent cream for recovery and branding butter concealer for concealing your tattoo. Using Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System, you will notice improvements shortly after starting using it. Not only that the kit shows results quickly, but the recovery rate is also faster due to the hydravescent cream. Its innovative formula accelerates the natural fading process of the skin. By using the kit daily and following the instructions provided you will experience a painless tattoo removal. With the waterproof concealer, you don’t need to fear that your tattoo will get exposed regardless of the weather.


  •  Improved healing due to the recovering cream.
  • Fast noticeable results.
  •  Suitable for most parts of the body.
  •  Waterproof concealer included.


  •  Comes as a kit, you need to apply multiple creams.
  •  The result may not be a total removal (hints of ink may still be noticeable on the skin)

4. RePARE Chemical Peel

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If you are looking for a low-cost solution for tattoo removal, then RePARE may be the perfect fit for you. The product is available with different trichloroacetic acid concentrations; therefore, you can find concentrations suitable for every part of your body (it is recommended to use concentrations lower than 20% for face and sensitive areas). The product is manufactured in the USA and it is not tested on animals (it is cruelty-free). If applied correctly respecting the guidelines, you will notice signs of progress even after the first uses. However, if it is not applied correctly it can cause skin burns that can lead to scars.


  •  Fast noticeable progress.
  •  A cheap solution for tattoo removal.
  •  Manufactured in the USA.
  •  Not tested on animals.
  •  Various TCA concentration options, therefore suitable for different areas of the body.


  •  Can cause skin damage if guidelines are not followed properly.
  •  Contact with the sun must be avoided (require sunscreen when going out).

5. Profade Tattoo Removal Cream

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Profade tattoo removal is a 3-steps solution for removing undesired tattoos. It includes three different types of creams that ensure a gentle yet successful experience. With enough patience, you will be able to completely remove the tattoo. Profade cream is able to completely remove a tattoo in 3 – 9 months, the period is highly dependent on the tattoo (its size, age, the ink used). It is not recommended to use other skin products on the tattoo while using Profade cream.


  •  Gentle experience with a low chance of skin damage.
  •  Complete removal guaranteed within 3 – 9 months.
  •  Medically tested product.


  •  May cause irritations (it is recommended to stop using Profade if irritations occur).
  •  The treatment can take up to 9 months (especially for tattoos with high-quality inks).

6. Tat B Gone tattoo removal

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By using Tat B Gone you can successfully remove a tattoo without any harm on your skin. The three steps process will break down the tattoo’s ink without damaging your skin and without leaving any trace. After a couple of months of use, your skin will be the same as it was before getting the tattoo. It is not only a cheaper solution for tattoo removal, but it is also a safer one. Using Tat B Gone you don’t need to fear after-treatment scars or tattoo marks.


  •  3 steps process with low harm potential.
  •  Fast noticeable progress.


  •  Complete removal may require more patience.
  •  May be a bit pricey for some people (still cheaper than other removal methods such as laser removal and surgery).

7. Spartan Perform Tattoo Destroyer Removal Cream

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Fade your tattoo without leaving any traces with Spartan Tattoo Destroyer. Using this cream, you will experience a professional, effective and safe removal. Spartan Tattoo Destroyer is medically approved cream, therefore by properly following the guidelines you don’t need to worry about any potential harm. The cream works best against black ink and it can fade away tattoos in a couple of months. Its effects can be noticeable even after the first uses. Its formula consists of neem oil that will help removal without getting your skin irritated and keep you away from infections.


  •  Medically approved cream.
  •  Consist of natural ingredients.
  •  Safer formula compared to the creams that use harsh chemicals.
  •  Most effective against black ink.


  •  The cream is a bit pricey.
  •  It may have an unpleasant smell.

8. Splendora 100% TCA Acid Peel

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Splendora 100% TCA Acid Peel is a potent solution for tattoo removal. It can be used on different body parts. However, doing so it may require to be diluted as sensitive parts require lower concentrations of TCA acid. Using a highly potent peeling agent, you are guaranteed to see improvements on the removal process even after a few uses. It is expected during the process to experience sunburnt skin as your epidermis will be slightly damaged. However, the healing process won’t take too long (a couple of days). Splendora TCA acid peel is able to remove inks of all colors and qualities at it uses trichloroacetic acid (highly potent peeling acid), It is recommended to use gloves while applying and you must properly follow the instructions.


  •  Highly potent peeling acid.
  • Fast removal process.
  •  Quite cheap compared to other solutions.
  •  Can be diluted to make it safe to use on sensitive areas.


  •  Can cause sun-burnt skin that can last a couple of days.
  •  Require about 14 days between applications.

Choosing right

If you decided to follow the path of removal creams, then you must consider a couple of things before using them.

Trichloroacetic Acid

This type of acid is a common ingredient in most of the removal cream. The acid is used to produce the peeling of the skin. As it is a strong acid it is recommended to seek guidance from a tattoo artist experienced in tattoo removal or from your doctor.


Creams that contain hydroquinone removes the tattoos by fading them instead of peeling (as TCA creams do). The outcome is similar to creams that contain TCA. As a skin bleaching agent, Hydroquinone will make the tattoo’s ink slowly fade away.

Your tattoo

Before buying the cream, consider the tattoo you are willing to erase. Ask yourself a couple of questions. Can it be done by removal creams? If you mind the time, how long it will take for creams to erase it? As you may expect, a large tattoo can take a lot of time to be removed. Sometimes removal creams may not work on large tattoos complete (but the tattoo will look weakened). Removal creams will show better results on smaller tattoos.

Instructions provided

As it can end up pretty badly if apply the cream wrongly, it is necessary to receive instructions with the cream. Properly following the guidelines can highly decrease the chances of skin damage. Creams that do not provide the consumer with precise and detailed instructions can’t be considered of superior quality. As the risk of harm is quite high while using this type of products, the necessity of proper informative and instructional material is crucial. Therefore, avoid creams that lacks informative and instructional materials as the wrong usage can cause skin harm.

Consider your safety

It is possible for removal creams to have side effects. The removal process is not an easy one, therefore the cream can be too harsh on the skin. Some of the side effects are burning the skin (most common side effect), swelling and bruising, itching, scabbing, skin discolouration sometimes it can even lead to infections and permanent scarring. Another thing to be considered is the pain, as the cream contain a high acidic content, they will also likely be extremely painful to use. Being aware of the risk is very important. In most of the cases, customers use the products unaware of the risks and try to blame their lack of information on the producer.

Consider professional guidance

You may not be experienced with tattoo removal, therefore it would be a wise decision to seek some guidance. A tattoo artist experienced with removal can help you identify what you really need in order to get rid of the tattoo (especially if that tattoo artist is the one who made your tattoo as he/she may still remember what he/she used to create it). If you can’t seek guidance from a tattoo artist, you can try getting advice from a doctor experienced in tattoo removal. Therefore it is worth checking with someone experienced as doing it on your own without any information and advice beforehand can lead to unpleasant situations such as permanent scars.

Does tattoo removal creams works?

Yes, despite some people claim that the removal process didn’t work for them, removal creams work. However, the removal process is dependent on different factors such as the size of the tattoo (the cream may not be able to completely remove a large tattoo), the tattoo age, the ink used and most importantly the way the cream was applied. As sometimes people don’t bother with reading the instructions it is not unexpected to get an unwanted outcome. Therefore, tattoo removal creams work if used correctly (smaller tattoos provide better results).

Does tattoo removal creams hurt?

Using tattoo removal cream won’t hurt. However, its side effects can hurt. As the cream may use bleaching agents or acids for peeling, your skin may suffer some damage because the ink needs to be removed from your dermis. However, your skin will fully recover in a couple of weeks (you will need at least 8 days for the skin to recover). It is recommended to avoid sunlight after you start the removal process, also seek guidance from a doctor or a tattoo artist experienced with tattoo removal if you start experiencing pains.

Can I remove large tattoos if I use removal cream?

It depends if you are lucky your tattoo may completely vanish. However, most of the times tattoo removal creams are not suitable for large tattoos. Usually, the effect of tattoo removal creams would be noticeable at the edges. In order to completely remove a large tattoo, you need to apply the cream for a long period of time. Doing this you risk to severely damage your skin. It is better to use removal creams on large tattoos before starting laser removal as the cream will weaken the tattoo. Do not start laser sessions straight after using removal cream, you need to wait a couple of weeks as your skin needs healing.

Can I use removal cream on older tattoos?

Yes, you can. If the tattoo already started fading, you will see results even faster. However, keep in mind to follow the instructions even if the tattoo is older. Applying the cream more often than recommended won’t lead to a faster removal but to skin damage. Follow the guidelines step by step and don’t overdo it.

Will my skin get damaged from tattoo removal cream?

At some point, it can be considered that your skin will be damaged. As the tattoo ink is found in the dermis, the epidermis needs to be removed in order to get rid of the ink. As the removal process can take a couple of months, your skin will get a small amount of damage at every use. However, if no complications occur, your skin will be able to heal itself in a couple of weeks at the end of the removal process. But don’t forget, if instructions are not followed correctly there is a risk of several damages that can lead even to scars.

Tattoo removal cream vs Laser removal

Once you got the ink on your skin you don’t have many options to get rid of them. Laser removal is the most popular method but unfortunately, it can be really expensive and may not even completely remove the tattoo. Unfortunately, sometimes even the tattoo removal cream may not lead to the desired result (a complete removal), however, it is way cheaper. The main difference between them is the cost and the pain involved. Usually, a laser removal session can cost around 200$ – 400$ while tattoo removal creams can cost between tens of dollars to hundreds, the cost of the cream is highly dependent on quantity and production costs. It is said that laser removal sessions are as painful as tattooing sessions. However, it doesn’t mean that the removal creams are not painful. Depending on the cream, you can experience burning sensations every time you apply it, or sometimes if not applied correctly you may and up with serious skin damage.

Tattoo removal cream vs Surgery removal

The most important difference (for most people) is that using tattoo removal cream you don’t get your skin cut. In most of the cases, this is the main reason people opt for options like laser removal and removal creams as the fear of sharped objects is inside us all. However, surgical removal has a 100% complete removal and don’t take as long as removal creams. Sometimes removal cream may not even work or may leave marks of the tattoo (this fact is dependent on the tattoo age and the ink quality).

Tattoo removal cream vs Dermabrasion

Compared to the removal creams, dermabrasion has a higher success rate regarding tattoo removal. However, it is way more painful than removal creams as your top layer of skin will be removed and the ink will be leached out. Dermabrasion is not as successful as surgery or laser removal. The healing process for dermabrasion removal will take about 2 – 3 weeks; these weeks it is a high chance to experience bleedings.
Compared to removal creams, dermabrasion require only one single treatment session but it can still cost quite a lot.


In conclusion, it is worth trying to remove the tattoo using removal creams as you have quite a lot of options on the market to pick from. Even if one type of cream may not work for you, maybe other may work as the success rate of is not 100% and the inks quality and tattoo age are tightly related to the success rate. With enough patience, you may be able to get rid of the tattoo without resorting to surgery or laser removal. Even if the tattoo won’t fade completely, using removal creams can save you a lot of money as laser removal sessions are quite expensive. With an almost faded tattoo, you can easily remove the tattoo within a couple of sessions if needed.

However, you must strictly follow the instructions when you are using removal creams as these can be quite dangerous when wrongly used. If you experience side effects or unpleasant situations, it is recommended to seek medical guidance as soon as possible. Don’t try to treat it at home as sometimes skin products may worsen the situation.

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