Women tattoo on hand and fingers

Henna Tattoos

Looking for a tattoo but afraid of the price or the pain? Then temporary Henna tattoos may be the best option for you. Henna has been existent in the eastern worlds in the subcontinent of, Arabia, India, and North Africa. Everywhere you go you see or hear someone speaking of Henna; it is a ubiquitous …

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All About Tattoo Safety

Nearly everyone has heard of tattoos, but not everyone knows what a tattoo is. A tattoo is when ink is injected into the skin through a needle. This is usually done with a tattoo gun, a tool used by the tattoo artist. Only a professional tattoo artist is qualified to give someone a tattoo. This …

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name tattoo

People that Tattoo Their Lovers’ Names on Their Bodies

What will you do to prove that you love your boyfriend or girlfriend? Some show it by changing their last names to their lovers and tattooing their lovers’ names on their bodies. When the relationships end, they turn to tattoo remover. “The worst mistake I ever made in my life was to TATTOO ANOTHER WOMAN’S …

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