185 Significances of Ouroboros Tattoos: Enlisting some proper tattoo designs

Making a Tattoo is undoubtedly a fascinating task for some. The significance of the tattoo is equally highlighted as all of them have a hidden meaning, which slowly unfolds. There are so many tattoo designs to opt for that sometimes it becomes tough to choose from the lot. If one favours going for the traditional ones, then going for the Ouroboros tattoo can be a good pick up. The design of such a tattoo looks fantastic and remarkable when done on the arm, the back and the body as well.

When going for this Ouroboros tattoo, the central significance of it must be known.

This tattoo belongs to the ancient tradition, and its importance lies in the fact that it symbolises a snake that is eating its tail. It can also be a dragon for that matter. The tattoo is also considered to be of much religious significance and therefore, some also adopt it as a religious symbol.  The creature is round or circular, and one can interpret several meanings out of it while choosing to go for this tattoo. If one has made up his mind to make this Tattoo, then there are several designs available that can be selected. From small to large ones, the tattoo looks extraordinary and magical.


The designs can be personalised as well, and colours can also be added. There are unique designs available for both men and women, and therefore, the elements of femininity and masculinity would be added accordingly.

ouroboros tattoo sacred geometry
ouroboros tattoo sacred geometry

Analysing some of the meanings:

dragon ouroboros tattoo
dragon ouroboros tattoo

The Ouroboros tattoo meaning can be taken in several ways. Considered to be as a significant symbol of infinity, the literal meaning of the tattoo is assumed to be the cycle of birth and death.

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For some cases, the tattoo also means the cycle of rebirth. Even for some, the symbol is taken to mean the revival of the Phoenix and also of life. However, taking into account the traditional meanings of the tattoo, the other interpretations of it can be as follows:

  • The ability to self reflect-

One of the most critical signs that lie within this tattoo is that it is appealing to human beings to self reflect upon themselves and their activities. This enables one to accept the person he or she is, and therefore, take the strengths and weaknesses. This also means that one can ponder over their own life and think of success and failure. One of the significant facts about this meaning is that one becomes self retrospective, and tries to find their inward happiness. This allows humans t to examine their selves.

ouroboros tattoo on hand
ouroboros tattoo on hand
  • The cycle of birth and death-

Traditionally considered to be of much significance, the tattoo very much symbolises the cycle of birth and death. While the dragon or snake is eating his tail, this means that life has completed its full circle and the time to die is near. This meaning if taken seriously also brings before the fact that with every death, a new life is born. Therefore, the hidden meaning of rebirth is also taken into account.

traditional ouroboros tattoo
traditional ouroboros tattoo
  • The nature of dual balance-

Many of the religious sects take this Tattoo ouroboros for the double pattern of life. This Duality of it is nothing but the image of darkness and light embedded together. The whole literal meaning turns out to be like that there is no darkness without light and there is no light without darkness. This balance is essential in life as both of the elements are depended on each other.

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double ouroboros tattoo

  • The concept of spirituality-

One of the few literal meanings of this tattoo is also taken to be the concept of spirituality. This spiritual element is related to the field of life and death. The responsibilities of life and its relation to spirituality are connected to the infinite. Therefore, this meaning is considered to be all-powerful among the various others.

spiritual ouroboros tattoo

  • The concept of infinity-

The power of infinity is very much appreciated with the help if this Tattoo. The ouroboros Infinity Tattoo is very likely more comprehensible, and the infinity stands for the life of all human beings. It comprises of all the stages of life- the past, the present, and the future. In addition to that, infinity also happens to be related to death as well and then coming back to life, just like the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

ouroboros Infinity Tattoo


Enlisting some of the most common Ouroboros Tattoo designs:

Ouroboros Tattoo Designs are numerous, and the choices depend on the meaning as well. Some of the most interesting and most simple ones are as follows:

  • The Circular tattoo-

This is the most common of the Ouroboros group of Tattoos, and it takes much lesser time to draw up this tattoo. This is simple and stands for the dragon eating its tail, symbolising life and death.

circular ouroboros Tattoo

  • The long Ouroboros Tattoo Design

This is a far more complicated tattoo, and its shape is long in the sense that it looks like a pretzel. The Pretzel is twisted, and in making this design, lots of intricate details have to be perfected to make it look unique. Even some wings are drawn as well.

long Ouroboros Tattoo

  • The infinite ouroboros-

This design is much more complicated and runs longer in size. The shape of the dragon or the snake is made slightly confused as the tattoo is determined to show the meaning of complexity. The serpent may or not be hooded, but the overall structure of it should render the purpose correctly. The scales of the snake can also be drawn, and it depends on the artist and the individual to opt for it.

infinite ouroboros tattoo

  • The simple dragon-

The dragon tattoo is again very symbolic. Associated with the qualities of infinite power and strength, this tattoo can be made larger and smaller at the same time. The outline of the dragon along with its tail and wings is simple enough to make the tattoo look gorgeous and powerful.

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simple dragon ouroboros tattoo

  • The simple snake tattoo-

People who opt for the ouroboros snake tattoo are sometimes taken to be very secretive. But some might also regard this tattoo in the negative aspect as well. Therefore, people think twice before opting for this tattoo. In addition to that, individuals who prefer to opt for this tattoo can seriously add some colour and throw some funky designs as well.

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ouroboros snake tattoo

  • The round one-

This ouroboros design is different from all the other ones in the sense that, there is a hole in the middle of the tattoo. One might include some additional symbols in the middle of the Tattoo or choose to live it blank. Some individuals prefer to ink their date of birth or their name or anything lucky within the circle. This tattoo can be made in memory of someone special as well.

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round Ouroboros tattoo


Where should one make an Ouroboros tattoo?

Choosing some simple colours for the ouroboros tattoos:

Most of the ouroboros tattoos look amazing when they are made with some different colours. Some of the best combinations include black, green and red. For a small tattoo, a bright red would do perfectly well along with a black border. For bigger ones, making it black with occasional engravings of red and green would also look mystical. Even the tails and the wings can be made of different colours to highlight the tattoo even better.

color ouroboros tattoos

full back ouroboros tattoos

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There is a full list of the tattoo colours that the client can choose, and some of the combinations can be done keeping in mind, the design of the tattoo. A simple ouroboros tattoo can go for colours like black and green, while bold and longer ones can be done in colours like black and red.