Tattoo locations on the body explained

Common Body Parts Chosen For Showing Tattoo

Tattooing is an art of creating a permanent design on the skin of our body. However, there are also few body parts, where the tattoos become faded in due course. We choose various body parts to apply multiple tattoo designs. By our preference, we focus on different tattoo locations on the body.

tattoo on hands
tattoo on hands

Hands and the interior side of the palm

Most of us choose these parts. However, the skin nature and tone of these parts prevent the ink from sticking to this skin. Within a short time, the brightness of your tattoos will start getting faded. The tattoos will lose their boldness. Every day we use both the hands for various works, and that’s why it affects the firmness of the symbols. There is another reason behind the issue. We have a minimal amount of muscle and fat underneath our hand skin. Thus, the tattoos become blurred very quickly.

Tattoos on feet
Tattoos on feet

Tattoos on feet

This is one of the tattoo locations on the body, and in most of the instances, the feet tattoos do not last long. We wear shoes and socks, and our tattoo designs rub against our footwear. Thus, while you try to have a long-lasting value from your investment, you may better avoid tattooing on the feet.

Tattoos on lower back portion
Tattoos on a lower back portion

The central part of our lower back portion

Lots of women love this part for tattooing. Pregnancy causes their body to get stretched and contracted. It also increases or reduces the body weight of a woman. However, all the women try to look beautiful and prevent any effect of aging. Tattooing is one of the best options for them to appear attractive. By designing the tattoo on this part, they look hot.

Elbows tattoo
Elbows tattoo


Regular bending of the arms causes the fastest fading of our tattoos. We place our elbows on the tables or desks several times.

Stomach – One of the painful parts for tattooing

Stomach tattoo
Stomach tattoo

Lots of people have found that stomach is one of the painful tattoo locations on the body. However, the sensation of every person is different.Prevalent on this side are Transformers ones.

Other painful parts are

  • Knee’s backside
  • Neck
  • Ribs
  • Throat
  • Wrist

Shoulder – Not much painful

Shoulder tattoo
Shoulder tattoo

While you are tattooing for the first time, you may choose this body part. You will not feel much pain from it. Other safe elements for you include outer arm, calf, and buttocks.

Thus, we have given you an idea on the standard parts, where you may design a tattoo for your style. Most of us invest much time to apply the tattoo design. However, it is essential to ensure that the chosen spot will not cause pain at the time of tattooing. The process of creating the tattoo design is very intricate. The professionals apply colors, shades, and needle, and these things may cause pain to you initially. Another factor, causing various levels of anxiety, is the age. The younger ones feel more pain than that of the older ones. Their tighter skin absorbs the tattoo ink in a better way. Speak to the artists for the right tattoo locations on the body.


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