Jimmy’s Ink – Prime Tattoo Parlor in Jacksonville, Florida

My 16-year-old asked for a tattoo for her birthday. I was a bit hesitant, having heard stories of parlors and dangers involved, especially with young teenagers. However after our experience, I am very pleased with the result.

We visited Jimmy’s Ink in Jacksonville, Florida.

Having been to parlors with other friends before, I have seen people merely chose artwork from a list posted in a book or on the wall. I have also seen artists draw whatever the client asks. My daughter advised what she wanted, a heart with an anchor through it. She wanted an anatomical heart. When we went back for a visit, the artist had drawn the tattoo on transfer paper, and it was perfect, complete with heart valves. The colors on the drawing were excellent, but I doubted that the reds, blues, and yellows would show up so clearly.

Jimmy's Ink
Jimmy’s Ink

The atmosphere of the shop was charming.

The artist we had, displayed his artwork, drawings, and paintings on the wall of his room. The man is exceptionally talented. He took his time, let my daughter have a break in between the really ” painful‘ portions, and went out of his way to make her first tattoo experience pleasant. It took a little over an hour, and the result was remarkable. We paid merely 125, but I am sure the price depends significantly on the size of the tattoo and the number of colors used.

The parlor was very clean, and seemed to have repeat customers.

We choose Jimmy’s Ink by asking anyone we saw with a tattoo where they had gotten it at. Out of about 40 people we interviewed, about 35 said they had been to Jimmy’s Ink and all were pleased. That may not be in the best way to find a parlor, but you come up with honest first hand experiences.

The parlor even came complete with some Asian Confucius wisdom.

I noticed coins in every corner and asked why. Seemed a bit odd, to find coins in every corner of the entire building. Seems that Confucius said to surround yourself with money to make money. Our artist said the philosophy had worked for them.

If you live in the North Florida area, I would highly suggest you visit Jimmy’s Ink.

They are located on 5818 Normandy Blvd. Their phone number is 904-781-1250, I am sure you will be pleased with their professionalism and artwork. We were. By the way, ask for Joe Paxon, he is very talented.

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