The Ins and Outs of UV Ink Tattoos

The tattoo world is continually experiencing new trends, one of the current trends is ultraviolet tattoos or commonly called black light tattoos. The ink used in these tattoos is only seen under the light of a black sun. Many of the individuals receiving these tattoos are individuals who for professional reasons cannot have tattoos in certain areas or specific designs.

What are these UV Tattoos?

When you are not under a black light, the symbol itself is invisible the only marks that may remain will be scarring from the actual tattoo process. On some individuals who scar easily, you will see the outline of your design it will have a slightly waxy appearance.

They also have colored inks that appear the same as ink in regular tattoos, but when they are under the black light, those colors will glow and become more vibrant.

uv ink tattoo
UV ink tattoo

When UV ink first hit the tattoo scene a few years ago, there were many critics.

UV ink caused allergic reactions to some who decided to partake in getting them when they were still relatively new. Recently there have been significant advancements in UV ink most use them report little to no allergic reaction or side effects.

The most popular UV ink on the market with the least amount of side effects is produced by a company called Skin Candy.

Are they side effects on UV Inks?

Currently, there have been no studies recorded on side effects experienced from long term exposure to UV inks.

Some advertisements for UV ink will state that they are FDA approved. In part that statement is true, but those same inks are only recommended for agriculture and fishing purposes, not for use on humans.

uv tattoo idea
UV tattoo idea

There have also been instances of UV ink tattoos experiencing fading or discoloration due to sunlight.UV ink is much thinner than traditional tattoo ink so it will take additional time to apply to the skin.

UV ink does not blend like traditional ink so caution must be used during the application and a black light should be used to make sure the form of the ink is consistent.

The application of UV ink can be harder than traditional inks so if planning on receiving a tattoo with this type of ink you should make sure your tattoo artist has experience in this area.

When getting estimates for a symbol utilizing UV ink, you can expect the cost to be higher due to the time and skill required plus UV ink is pricier than the traditional inks used.



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