Is Aquaphor Good for tattoos?

Wondering which product to use, so your tattoo heals correctly? Aquaphor tattoo healing is quite popular when it comes to aftercare. You may ask, Is Aquaphor good for tattoos?  This article will help you understand what exactly Aquaphor is, how this stuff works for tattoos and everything else in between.

What is Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is a lotion made from petroleum jelly. This ointment helps in protecting the skin and makes the healing process easy. Aquaphor tattoo healing is a way to provide proper moisture to the dry and itching skin. You may wonder, what makes Aquaphor better than basic petroleum jelly? Well, the mineral oil and ceresin present in this lotion help you maintain smooth skin and also protects the body art. Aquaphor has chamomile extract that helps to soothe the inflammation and increases the pace of healing.

Aquaphor for tattoos
Aquaphor for tattoos

When to use Aquaphor?

Aquaphor helps in natural healing and makes sure that the tattoo is not affected by scabs, rashes or itching. So, you need to use Aquaphor until the tattoo heals completely. However, you can keep using it even after completing the Aquaphor tattoo healing process. This ointment is great for a healthy and smooth looking skin.

Apply Aquaphor at least once a day until the soreness, and messy scabbing alleviates. However, some people complain that the lotion is too oily for them. If you notice that the scabs are becoming spongy or you’re getting pimples or any infection, then immediately reduce the usage. You can also switch to a lighter or odorless ointment, after all, you should never use ingredients that have heavy-fragrances or causes irritation on a freshly inked butterfly tattoo.

Is Aquaphor good for tattoos?

To answer this, let’s look at some of the benefits of using Aquaphor on a tattoo:

  • Aquaphor helps in protecting the dry and oozing skin by providing moisture to it. It prevents the body art to get messed up by scabs, rashes or itching.
  • Aquaphor is a thick lotion that helps prevent infection. It protects the tattooed area from bacteria, dirt and other antibodies.
  • Aquaphor is a moisturizing lotion that helps in soothing the irritation caused by excessive itching.
  • Aquaphor tattoo healing is the best way to speed up the entire process. The lotion moisturizes the swollen skin and prevents infection which reduces the healing time.


Aquaphor is a great healing product. However, it doesn’t work for everyone. People with sensitive skin type should be careful while using it as it might lead to skin breakouts, clogging and pimples. There are many light- fragrance and odorless ointment alternatives that you can use for aftercare. A good healing lotion will make sure your tattoo looks at its best once it’s completely healed.

As for Aquaphor, it’s quite affordable and is readily available at most drug stores. So, for those, who’re wondering if Aquaphor good for tattoos, the answer is yes, it will make the process much smoother. Just applying a small amount of this lotion will work wonders for your dry and oozing skin.

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