Top Three Tattoo Studios in the Westland, Michigan Area

If you are a tattoo aficionado like me, you know that they can be very addictive. I have ten at the moment and hope to get more someday if I can convince my wife to let me (a big if). Nonetheless, I have a lot of experience in tattoos and what makes for a good parlor.

If you live in the Westland, Michigan area, I can heartily recommend three salons. They are:

House of Tattooing – 2525 South Wayne Road, Westland, MI 48186

house of tattooing westland mi
house of tattooing Westland Mi

This place is like a tattoo temple. It has been around since 1967, long before the explosion of tattoo parlors that began in the ’90s. Tattoo artist Duane is the guy to see here. His work is of excellent quality, and he often has suggestions that improve upon an idea you may have for your tattoo. His beautiful line work is top rate, and his colored pieces are real showstoppers. I have seen many of his actions and have never noticed anything that looked cheap or unprofessional. The prices here are also very reasonable, and the work is done quickly. It is an immaculate shop and an excellent choice for anybody seeking to turn their body into a living work of art. Call for their hours at 734-728-7228.

Neurotic Ink – 37600 Ford Road, Westland, MI 48185

neurotic ink westland michigan
neurotic ink Westland Michigan

This is Westland’s newest tattoo parlor and is filled with a lot of fresh, young artists. Tribal and monster imagery seems to be the featured styles here, although they will do anything. Dave Haze, Lobo, and Hippo are very personable and down to earth. Though younger than some tattoo artists, their work is impeccable. The shading on their tattoos is second to none. They are open Monday through Saturday from 12 to 9 pm and Sundays by appointment. It should be noted they accept cash only.

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Johnny Detroit’s Cherokee Creek Tattoo – 32449 Ford Road, Garden City, MI 48135

Johnny Detroit's Cherokee Creek Tattoo
Johnny Detroit’s Cherokee Creek Tattoo

I know that Johnny is not in Westland, but he is so close you can spit from his tattoo parlor and hit Westland (on a windy day). This is probably my favorite tattoo parlor of all time, as Johnny is a legend in this area, and his staff is also excellent artists. I have had two tattoos done here and have gotten many compliments on both of them. I am particularly happy with a panda bear I got on my left shoulder by Tammy. Tattooing the color white can be hit or miss, but the white on the panda is gorgeous. They are open Monday through Thursday 12 to 8 pm and Friday and Saturday 12 to 9 pm. It should be noted that Johnny is a Christian and does not tattoo any occult or satanic imagery.

So you see that Westland and vicinity is a pretty cool place to get inked. And remember, tattoos do hurt, but the momentary pain can give you a thing of beauty that can last a lifetime.

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