Best Tattoo Parlors in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is one of Tennessee’s largest cities, with a population that is second only to that of Memphis. Along with its size, Nashville is also notable for its thriving music industry, scenic setting along the Cumberland River, and the fact that it is one of the best places in the south to get a tattoo. The body art scene in Nashville is an emergent one but is growing steadily and beginning to offer some genuinely excellent tattooing options to residents and visitors alike.

Lone Wolf Body Art, one of the best Tattoo Parlors in Nashville

Lone Wolf <a href=
Body Art” width=”680″ height=”377″ /> Lone Wolf Body Art

1602 21st Ave. S.

Nashville, TN 37212

(615) 321-3111

Website: http://www.lonewolfbodyart.net

While this shop may not look too impressive from the outside, the work that gets done inside is definitely worth a look. Lone Wolf Body art is one of Nashville’s most respected tattoo parlors and is undoubtedly one of the cleanest. The staff here may not be the friendliest all the time, but the work they do often makes up for the lack of personality. Lone Wolf is also one of the best places to get body piercing done anywhere in Nashville. If you’re a walk-in for either tattoo work or body piercing expect a serious wait. Appointments are definitely recommended here.

Icon Tattoo and Piercing

1917 Broadway

Nashville, TN 37203

(615) 329-4066

<a href=
Tattoo Parlors in Nashville” width=”659″ height=”648″ /> Tattoo Parlors in Nashville

Icon Tattoo and Piercing is the most well-established tattoo parlor in Nashville, despite the fact that it’s only been around since the mid-90’s. They offer a huge range of body jewelry and are very adept when it comes to piercing (in fact, they offer free piercings to those who are willing to get a piercing done by an apprentice), but the tattoo artistry doesn’t struggle for lack of attention the way it does at many other piercing shops. Icon Tattoo and Piercing is also very convenient because it offers two locations, making walk-ins easier to fit in to the schedule. The prices here are about middle-of-the-road, affordable but not extraordinary.

Ink Gallery Tattoo II

2204 Elliston Place

Nashville, TN 37203

(615) 321-8777

ink <a href=
gallery tattoo nashville” width=”498″ height=”518″ /> ink gallery tattoo Nashville

Those who are looking for a great, affordable tattoo parlor in Nashville need look no further than Ink Gallery Tattoo II. This establishment, which is open late on the weekends (until midnight) is extremely clean and specializes in both tattoo work and in other forms of body art, including piercing. The mainstay of Ink Gallery Tattoo II is the fact that they try to consistently beat their competitors on pricing. This shop almost always offers the cheapest piercings in town, and often is able to offer significantly lower tattoo quotes to their customers than other tattoo parlors in the area. While the artistry here may not be quite as talented as that found at the more exclusive tattoo parlors, those who are looking for an inexpensive book-art tattoo would be well-advised to head to Ink Gallery Tattoo II.


Queen of Hearts Tattoo and Piercing

2225 Nolensville Rd.

Nashville, TN 37211

(615) 256-5051

Archangel Tattoo Studio

314 E. Old Hickory Blvd.

Nashville / Madison, TN 37115

(615) 860-3777

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