Top Rated Tattoo Parlors in New York City

You may be someone who had contemplated getting a tattoo but couldn’t figure out what to get. If you are anything like me, you’re scared, and need a advice on a good place in New York City to get tattooed where you won’t regret it or worst. All these places I have in this list are 5 star, and super clean. The tattooist are professionally trained and make awesome pictures, so if you just want something simple like a flower, you won’t be disappointed.

So, which are the best tattoo parlors in New York City? Let me tell you!

New York Adorned

New York Adorned
New York Adorned

This is the best shop if you want a first tattoo. I could stop the list here, but the price of New York Adorned can be a little steep. While you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for the price, being a first time, scared, nervous and possibly broke a person, the cost can be a deterrent. Anywho, if you want the best tattoo in New York, save up your hard earned cash and live a little. Located at 47 2nd ave between 1st Ave & 3rd ave in the east village, it’s just a quick trip on the six trains.

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New York Adorned piercings
New York Adorned piercings

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New York adorned does high class piercing, henna, and sells piercing jewelry in addition to it’s tattoo services. They have 12 tattoo artist that always work in their own booths and sometimes they have other artist from around the world stop in and do a few people. You never know, you may get inked by Kat Von D if you are lucky, but who knows how much that would cost. If you go to their website NYAdorned.com you can see examples of the different artists works.
All the piercing & tattooing equipment is autoclave sterilized, or single use only. So Spurge like a Rockstar and party on down to the east village.

Addiction NYC

Addiction NYC is my second pick for the best tattoo parlors in New York for its custom work. Are you looking for extensive sleeve work, or a magical fish riding a unicorn? Addiction is perfect for you. Also located in manhattans’ east village, it boasts a slightly lighter price tag. Out front is a little shop where you can pick up some jewelry for your ears or tongue, or even buy a bong. Don’t worry though because looks can be deceiving, while the outside may look a little weird the inside is perfectly safe.

Addiction NYC
Addiction NYC

Located at 27 Saint Marks place, it only takes a ride on the six trains to Astor Place. Again, check out hopstop, com for some help. If you decided to drive it also has good parking. Addiction accepts credit cards and is wheelchair ready. You can check out the website at addictionnyctattoos.com

East Side Ink Tattoo

Eastside ink is the absolute best place to get black and white or outlined tattoos. It has some of the best tattoo artists in New York. Most times, it runs around eight artists, but sometimes others stop in. They are a bit of an old parlor, so they do a lot of skulls and bones and stuff of that nature, but they are very willing to help draw up a sketch around your idea.

East Side Ink Tattoo shop
East Side Ink Tattoo shop

I love this place because of the vibrancy of their inks, if you are looking for a name tattoo, or some stars, this is the perfect place.All their works shows up very clearly and they have wonderful contrast. I plan on going to East Side later this summer and getting my 3rd star tattoo. They make sure you are comfortable, and they tell you everything that’s going to happen.

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You might spend some cash here, but it’s worth it. It’s definitively lower than New York adorned but offers the same quality and cleanliness. I do suggest that if you want something heavily colored, you choose elsewhere on the list, being as I haven’t seen a heavily designed and colored tattoo there that I have liked. The address and number are below.

97 Avenue B
(between 6th St; 7th St)
New York, NY 10009
(212) 477-2060

Fun City Tattoo

Finally, I recommend Fun City tattoos for large, colored tattoos. My favorite artist at the shop is Michelle Myles. She has a broad portfolio of fantastic artwork and is in-studio Monday through Thursday. The thing that sort of sucks is that she is appointment only, and if you are a chicken you might chicken out. Most artists don’t take kindly to people who schedule and duck out on the date, they may look unfavorably unto you if you try to reschedule.

fun city tattoo nyc tattoo shop
fun city tattoo nyc tattoo shop

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Fun City Tattoo parlor is also located in the east village, around Saint Marks Place. It’s a very big tattoo district in New York City if you never been. The parlor has 10 tattoo artists who work all week. So if you have a job or school in the morning, it’s open 7 days a week, from 3 pm to 10 pm. Before you go, check out the website, it can give you an exact map to the location and porfolio shots of all the tatttos done there. It will also show you all the times they’ve had there artwork shown in magazines.

Okay, this is my final note.

If you want to get something totally extreme and huge, check out Brad Fink at Fun City. He is very busy because he owns three shops in two cities but if you trust anyone, trust him. His work is amazing and he has been doing tattoo’s since he was 16.

I hope my knowledge of the tattoo world has helped you make a good decision on picking the best tattoo parlors in New York City for you. I have made these on my personal experience but trust your gut, if you get a bad feeling, listen to it. So I wish you luck and happiness whether on your first or 20th tattoo.

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