Most Beautiful 17 – Dragonfly Tattoos

If you are looking for a permanent design that gives you a new hit to the best style, then considering dragonfly tattoos can help you to refine your look. More than any symbol, these particular looks are slipping into one of the hottest and most popular trends for those looking to make a different type of statement.

dragonfly tattoo

A dragonfly tattoo is not only becoming a basic pattern that is surrounded by the looks of this particular animal.

Artists that are interested in this image are also including various designs and colours that are redefining the beauty of this artwork. From a combination of colours to combining the dragonfly with other alternative models, are specific looks that are helping to re-create this tattoo into one that gives you a stamp of artwork. This image is one that is especially inviting to women who want a delicate or sexy look, as well as those who wish to take part in the symbolic meaning of this animal.

3d dragonfly tattoo

The concept of the dragonfly tattoo is not only known because of its beauty and specific patterns but is also being redefined through the symbolic meaning associated with this animal.

According to some ancient traditions, the dragonfly is indicative of a free spirit and also represents the power of light.

The image that is typically expressed in tattoos as well as in symbolism defines this power because of the nature of the dragonfly. Unlike most other creatures, this particular animal has the capability of dwelling in both land and water, which gives it freedom and power. Different cultures have stated this specific creature is known for its imagination, precisely because of the natural colours it brings while in flight.

If you are considering the option of getting this type of tattoo, then you want to look into not only the basic idea of length but should also look into the designs that fit best.


For instance, several will decide to get this pattern on their arm, while others will find that the back or around the shoulders can provide a better look.

shoulder dragonfly tattoo


This is dependent on the width and length that you want included with your specific design while allowing you to get the best dragonfly tattoos available for your particular style.

For instance, if you are considering a smaller tattoo, then the foot, ankle, wrist or other discrete place may work best. If you want a larger pattern, then the back or shoulder may be more effective in your representation of the dragonfly tattoos.

small dragonfly tattoo on foot

small dragonfly tattoo on wrist


With each of these designs, you not only have the option of how to design your sleeve but can also alter the colours and specific length and width of the patterns, so it fits your style best.

Depending on the tattoo artist that you use and the idea that you have in mind for your specific tattoo, you will have the capability of getting the most out of your looks by defining the specifics that are a part of this new look.

For anyone that wants to put on one of the latest and most refined trends are the ability to enjoy the most by looking into sleeve tattoos. This offers a specific look and definition that help you to make a statement while enjoying the new colour of your skin.



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