Learn about the many stages of tattoo healing

Tattoo healing stages

Be cautious when you’re planning to get a permanent tattoo. Understand the primary stages of tattoo healing so you can alleviate any skin problems and end up with great looking body art. Getting a tattoo inked can be an exciting process, but you’re not ready to flaunt it right after you walk out of the tattoo parlor’ door. The truth is, it’s just the starting of the tattoo healing process. It will take about 2-3 weeks for your tattoo to heal completely. Follow your tattoo artist’s instructions on aftercare to make sure your new body art looks terrific. Learning about the various stages of tattoo healing gives you an idea of what to expect in the next 2-3 weeks.

tattoo healing stages
tattoo healing stages

Stage 1

The process of tattoo healing starts right after you walk out of the parlor. At this stage, the inked area is like an open wound and needs protection against bacteria, dirt, and germs. Your tattoo artist might use some specialized lotion to wash the field and then wrap it up. Professionals usually suggest keeping the area covered for at least 24 hours. However, you need to change the wrap/bandage from time to time as freshly inked tattoo oozes and bleeds a bit. Remove the cover after consulting your artist and make sure to keep the area safe and clean. This stage ideally lasts up to one week. You’ll proceed towards the next step as soon as the wound heals a bit.

Stage 2

This is one of the most critical stages of tattoo healing as this brings the onset of skin regeneration. Prepare yourself to experience scabs and itching. Try not to scratch the area even if it itches. Ask your artist to suggest a good tattoo ointment that can help reduce the itching. At this point, the inked area generally become a bit dry and you might also notice peeling on the top skin. This layer will flake off and unveil the bright and radiant colors soaked up in the lower layers. Avoid sweaty activities, scratching and use sunblock to maintain the shape and color of your tattoo. This stage too lasts for about a week.

Stage 3

By this stage, most of your scabs will come off, and the itching alleviates. However, the process is not finished yet. You need to moisturize the inked area from time to time to increase the pace of healing. All steps involved in the process of tattoo healing demand specialized lotions, sunblock, and proper moisturizing. Slowly, the healing process will finish, and your skin will become smooth again. You might notice the body art is not as radiant as it was in the beginning but it’s normal. .

tattoo healing inforgraphic
tattoo healing infographic

The Bottom Line

The key to getting a terrific-looking tattoo is following the artist’s aftercare instructions. Ideally the stages of tattoo healing last from 2-4 weeks depending on the tattoo size and your skin type. Don’t hesitate to consult the artist or doctor if you notice an infection. Many of you might think why to go through all this pain, itching and ooziness but trust us when we say- It’s worth it. A  properly cared for a tattoo is the treasure of a  lifetime.

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